File Under Fun

April 13, 2012

Okay so hi de ho neighbors…ya know though the Dysu is all about ranting over cultural and social issues, politics and religion…I do a lot of other types of writing…not jes here on WP but elsewhere on the net…and I’ve been so …um…ranty..lately I thought we’d take a fun break and I would put up one of the other little things I like to do…write reviews…a great place fer hyperbolic sarcasm and wit…Anyway, I was searchin out some songs on Zune and came across one of my favorite compilation CD’s and noticed that the reviewer had lumped some of my best loved “teen” songs into the novelty song category. As the “Dude” would say “This aggression will not stand man”

The mistake he made was that the early punk movement of the late seventies early eighties (fer the uninitiated bands like Devo the Sex Pistols, Clash, TH, Dead Boys, B-52’s, were all Punk Rock until about ’81, ’82 ish…that’s when the term  “New Wave” really took off and the two types of music split into enemy camps lol) contained a lot of kitschy one hit wonders and kitschy bands (like the B-52’s) who’s whole act was the joke…this is not to be confused with say “Dwarf Tossin!” which can be found on this disc, but was in no way comparable to say “Teen-Age Enema Nurses in Bondage” by Killer Pussy a true obscure hit from the late seventies…anyway I’ve added some video and links to the WP version to share with you some of my favorites…enjoy






If you were lucky enough to be around the Los Angeles area in the late ’70’s you got to hear all of these great songs and more on KROQ radio…this album has some very obscure hits…and some real duds I can’t figure out why they included, but the ability to get some great songs you can’t find anywhere else (as far as I know) makes up for the fact that 1/3 of the album are simply throw away songs. All right so here we go…

Kinko the Clown: I’m not going to bother writing out the band’s name as it would take up a large section of the review. This band had a number of hits…including a Kinko Returns  so that sick ol Kinko get’s to bracket the disc. Still maybe the best thing about them was their name, right up there with early (Mystic Knights of the) Oingo Boingo. Amazingly enough this song played regularly on the radio as did our next hit…

Teen-Age Enema Nurses in Bondage: Okay yea well this song by Killer Pussy was a huge hit, it played a lot…I was never super fond of it, but judging from some of the other songs on the disc it rates a few stars for amount of air play given to a song about enemas and it has a hard punky quality that sets it apart from some of the lesser tracks…(plus the bands named Killer Pussy)

Funky Poodle: This song by Wild Horses, (no not Stallions that was Bill & Ted’s band) might be my favorite on the disc..Not just ‘cause the near homeless guy gets sex coke and cash from some crazy broad in a limo, but because she was really, after all, just looking fer her poodle..or was she? Song’s funky reggae beat serves it well and it was also a regular hit on KROQ. (I’m gonna include a lame YouTube video [really just the song and a blurry shot of the album cover] just ’cause I love this song so much…hope ya enjoy it as much)

Pajama Party: I’ll give ‘em this song for nostalgia only. The first time I heard the song I believe was the Rodney on the ROQ show…Otherwise it’s a pretty annoying song…well I, mean okay girls love it…but they love My Pretty Pony and Swifter Mops so…Like TENB by Killer Pussy this song by Unit 3 with Venus was a one hit  (semi)wonder

The Earthquake Song: I personally did not remember this song by The Little Girls until I listened to the disc…it was never as popular as some of the other songs but did get some airplay on KROQ.

Dwarf Tossin!: I mean…don’t even ask me why this song was included it diminishes the other songs by suggesting that they are (as another reviewer suggested) all novelty songs. This song is not the worst song on the disc…but it is a bad choice due to its heavy amount of suckiness

Buffy Come Back: This song by Angel & the Reruns was another one hit wonder that played on early KROQ a lot. It’s kitschy qualities are nearly unmatched as the song is a “honorarium” of sorts for the child star who played Buffy in the popular TV series “Family Affair”

Time is a Tick… Not a novelty song…just a bad one..it was a precursor for fans of this new music of what was about to come…lame new wave…

See You On The Other Side:  A good song by Brian Briggs, again not a novelty song…wasn’t meant to be a novelty song and played a hell of a lot on early KROQ radio…In fact it wasn’t long after this song started getting play that the new mod faction sprang up out of the punk movement in So Cal(just a little after Stray Cats and the new Rock-a-billies[or is that vers-vicea])

Harley David (Son of a Bitch)…See review for Time…above

Ronnie’s Song: I don’t know if this song was meant to be a novelty or not…but I do know we loved this one hit wonder from LAX, a staple in KROQ’s rotation, as much as we hated Ronald Reagan…

Urban Struggle: Out of all the songs on the disc, this song by The Vandals was a huge hit, it got by far more air time than any of the other songs, and the band  was a great punk band with a string of hits and great albums…to consider it a novelty song in line with say “Dwarf Tossin” just stuns me and makes me wonder about the individuals who put together this compilation…But anyway Urban Struggle  a song about a guy who couldn’t make it as a punker so he decides to become an urban cowboy is a great lead in to this song…

Cow Punk: This song may be credited to Scott Goddard, but it will be remembered as a song by the Surf Punks…This song did get a lot of airplay, as did the SP’s Goddard’s first  band, they had a couple big songs (my favorite Shark Attack) but as far as I know this semi hit was his(their) last…

Rodeo Song:…uh…I…um really. It just doesn’t fit, I mean…even Dwarf Tossin’  is a semi-punk (new wave) song…this..it was like they stopped trying…even if I wanted this song…this version of it sucks a*#…It’s so bad if I could, I would somehow take it off my copy of the disc…just scratch it right off…that’s how bad this song is…really

Kinko Returns: Okay, well this song is like the little brother of your friend who always wants to tag along, I mean it’s okay, but it really is pointless without the first song, I mean I guess it’s okay that they include both, it’s not a bad little song, maybe since they were throwin in extra Ogden Edsel Blues Ensemble Wahalia Mondo Bizzario Band they could have left out the RS and gave us Dead Puppies…

One Response to “File Under Fun”

  1. Marhab Says:

    I was lucky enough to be in LA in the early 80s and LOVED the KROQ music from that era. Remember every one of these ditties! A VERY magical & creative time in music, when there were just no rules at all!!!

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