Deep in the Heart of Dysfunction…Those Who Can’t Do, Teach Pt. III

April 11, 2012

Okay well now I know I’m just being unfair, the thing is probably quite  large percentage of WP writers may fall into the arty weirdo I just barely can hold a real job category (as compared to the population at large say), but if you hold a good job, or have held any job for a long period of time (and here I mean a real job, not a job in a record store, tattoo parlor, software development firm) yer belief that you are an arty oddball is only in your head…and to join with our media driven modern  culture promoting the arty oddball loser, the ghetto thug, the overindulged rock or sports celebrity as pinnacles of cultural achievement (so you seem cool to your sheep like friends who are also pretending to be cool) is only hurting the country not helping it…

Here’s one good way to know what kind’a  person you are, help you define yerself(separate from your employment)…Do you like Lady Gaga, think she is all that as it were…think she is arty and edgy?…If so, listen up, you are a worker bee, you should take off the weird make-up, yer lame thrift store concocted moon outfit and get the f back to work…you are neither arty or edgy, what you are is easily led, you are the type of person who should be working mainly in the service industry like say selling cosmetics at JC Penny or behind the counter at a fast food joint…

Devoid & Most Likely Unemployed

Do you consider yerself  kick ass cool, do you listen to  a: Only Metal or b. Only Gangsta Rap…

If yer answer was a: Only Metal, and you think yer a bad ass, more than likely you don’t have a job,. If you do then you are most probably a white, factory automotive, manufacturing or other blue collar worker.

If you answered band you think yer a bad ass it’s even more likely that you don’t have a job, but that if you do you fall in to the same as above category except: either way you

Annoyed & Definitely Unemployed

are more than 90% likely to be black, (exception to this, thirty something white collar office workers who on Saturday night out with the bros, like to relive their suburban high school gangsta days).

None of you are truly bad asses, especially you office workers, so stop promoting and supporting gansta culture, cause though you can separate your thoughts and your behaviors, a lot of kids growing up can’t, they buy into, they believe this shit….some kids, when you tell them to tune in turn on and drop out (I know, I know, too old school) actually do…

That’s why there is a definite exception to this rule, some of the “bad asses” are actually, really, bad asses, they’re not gonna hold jobs, don’t wanna hold jobs, (better to die on yer feet, than live on yer knees, etc, etc…)and ya know, these true rebels living outside of society, but yet functioning within strict guidelines all their own, I understand them , better than I understand most of you…

You…in fact reading this blog are most likely a fan of  Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Katie Perry, Madonna (still?)or Justin Bieber,  maybe even Maroon Five (guilty pleasure right).

A fan of  The Voice, The View, The Talk, The Walk, alright I made that last one up is the point is, you probably are white, female, work in an office, possibly in human resources, maybe in health care, or an Elementary school teacher, you also, most likely like to think you are still edgy…

Yer about as edgy as yer motto…(and ya know how much I love to mock this one Cat’s & Kittens)…Live, Laugh, Love, which along with yer edgy mission statement, Live like no one is watching…no wait it’s Laugh like there’s no tomorrow…no crap…Dance till it hurts…oh well ya know the one….

Listen and I hate to break it to you, but yer not even remotely close to the town where edgy once lived some years back now….

I know that I’ve gone way off the beaten track here, way deep into unexplored territory through this three part extravaganza…but why, what have I been trying to say….no I mean really…What the hell have I been trying to say?

Oh yea thanks, when I am talking about culture and responsibility, you have to remember that fer some of us, it is our responsibility to be the intellectuals, the artists, the weirdo deviants, I’m okay with all that, but we are supposed to be small sub cultures, not the culture at large..that’s my point, that’s my only point…I don’t want the rest of the country to behave like me…like with my own children I want society to be better than the worst among us.

Yet here we are every day every body tryin to out media-fy, hell out socialnetworka-fy each other in an never ending self pleasuring dysfunctional cycle of shocking over indulgence and staged guilt…


6 Responses to “Deep in the Heart of Dysfunction…Those Who Can’t Do, Teach Pt. III”

  1. I’m pretty sure I lost edgy somewhere between Baghdad and Babylon. Oh, no, wait–it was Ft. Leonard Wood. Yup. That’s where I left it. Pretty sure it’s still hanging out in that room where they took all my civilian clothes away and gave all us females oversized, frumpy ACUs, just in case one of us thought we’d be the next G.I. Jane hotty in a uniform. The super trendy chicks had to trade in their hipster cat-woman frames for a super cool set of BCG’s (birth control glasses–because no one’s even thinking about what you look like naked when you’re wearing those!)

    • Lol-very nice Miss Spartan-hey yer name makes more sense now…Thank you and double thank you fer serving you are an f-ing rock star in my book…I probably should have gone in the military…I would have learned to responsible earlier…or they would have killed me…
      And if you have been over in the middle east well then…hell you gained a whole new type of edgy…
      Anyway thanks fer stoppin by and commenting…I haven’t really gotten a chance to stop by yer site but I’ll get to ‘er asap…very interested….wanna check out yer sexy BCG glasses

      • Lol. Thanks! And thank you so much for all your awesome comments on my blog! I read through all of them and I want to answer all your great questions, but it might take me a minute or two! I am forever behind, especially in the blog world. With a few exceptions, I usually don’t get to read other blogs until a good week or so after someone’s written something, but your three part series here roped me in! You see, I too was once an edgy artist type a lifetime or so ago, so much of what you have to say resonates with me.

        In reference to your reply here–I actually escaped the BCG’s (just barely, but that’s a story for another time), but I had quite a few friends who got stuck with them. It is true, the military is invaluable in instilling responsibility. I am very grateful for the structure it provided me, most of all because before I enlisted, I was always striving to be a freelancer and fancied myself someone who functioned better outside of the rigid confines of a schedule (heh, heh, heh!). But this was only because I never had any real structure and didn’t realize how wrong I was until I had it. (One of my first blog pieces was actually about this very topic http://onlyspartanwomen.com/2011/08/21/discipline/).

        I have to run, but I will definitely get back to you with the answers to your awesome questions–I want to give them the attention they deserve, and time is an ever so precious commodity in my world these days! Thanks again for your blog–it is unique indeed!

  2. So you feel that you can socially sterotype people based on taste in music, or TV preference…hummm TEST When drivin into work I had Ike Rielly on my “ipod” and I watched the Deadliest Catch, and Justified last night…….What do I do for work???

    • Well given I at least know a little about you, I’d say I have an unfair advantage in a strictly guessing game, but knowing the little I do know about you also tells me that like many on WP, you are an oddball, a unique machine who functions on many levels of intelligence and that will make guessing more difficult. Now first, I’ll bet yer tastes range and you find yerself sampling a wide variety of genres in music and elsewhere…so I don’t believe you are typical worker bee say…though you may hold one of those positions at this time…I believe you are the type of person who prides themselves on knowing more obscure artists but you don’t shy away from what you like just because it’s popular…(I feel like Vizzini in the Princess Bride)…I do know you like guns, own guns, ya like cars well I mean shit ya live in Detroit {coincidently my family comes from D area originally (River Rouge & Dearborn)…I also know you’re into survival crap (shows etc) like me (hard to be an ex homeless guy and not be into survival crap) and Zombies…But you also seem too know a lot about modern tech stuff, which to an old unit like me says higher education, which suggests a professional job of some variety…But you also don’t like libs or Obama so… is I’m guessing blue collar, or service, maybe manager asst. manager small restaurant chain…I might be wrong…yer of course a unique machine…but if you are than yer a little too intellectual at times fer yer co-workers…If I am completely wrong and yer a white collar worker, office, sales, IT (which would be another guess if I could list one to five maybe) then yer a little too rough and tumble fer yer coworkers sometimes….Now and still I may be way off…I have avoided going to look at yer site so I’m tryin to do this mostly from memory fer fun…hopefully this has been fun fer yo also…because I will stick by my original claim, which wasn’t that I can judge a person by what they listen to and watch (though some people of course are easier to pigeon hole than others)…It was that people who use to be easily led to be faithful, honest, respectful, hard working machines are now instead easily led to believe that they are these wild faithless, free thinking free loving all consuming party machines, that’s all…not everyone can be an Astronaut or Mozart, most people are box movers, burger flippers, car salesmen…not everyone can be a crazy writer on WP jacked up on caffine, nicotine and THC, all the while ranting about personal responsibility and the lack of a National moral compass, that takes a unique machine.
      Hopefully ZS this has been fun for you too and I haven’t offended you in any way with this little exercise. I enjoy reading yer blog and so would hate to lose such a valued source of entertainment (let alone one of my few regular readers) Thanks fer stopping by and replying, I love all comments, even the ones that say I’m full of shit, which I of course, (being dysfunctional) quite often am…

      • Its all good buddy, your rounding the edges with your guessing and you will be hard pressed to offend me. Your asumptions are amusing and close at times, I spent a few years living in Dearborn both East and West side…..

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