The Pot Calling the Kettle a Slacker…Those Who Can’t Do Teach Pt. 1

April 10, 2012

Well hey and hey-lo Cat’s, Kittens it’s me the ol Dysu with another fantastic edgy hot off the presses…Okay, well, the truth is Lil’ Mouse read the last post and spent a good deal of the time laughing at, how did she put it, “…your being responsible nonsense…”

But just because I can’t do, doesn’t mean I can’t teach…In fact just the opposite is a common cliche’…Those who can’t do, teach.

Like, I mean, I know I sound like such a hard ass, I sound, well, I know how it sounds when I say you should…okay well maybe I’ll stick to “I” statements

I was talking about behaviors that I should have learned but didn’t…you can read more of this concept here, and uh…here…but the deal is, that’s part of what I am talking about when I talk about being Dysfunctional.

You have to remember that I was born, and raised back in a time (real young)when being a fup was not socially “cool”…I knew responsible from irresponsible, I was always compelled(?) to act irresponsibly.

Lil DysuWas it just that I was born this way (nature)?

Anyway, though it was not cool to be a lazy good fer nothin’ dreamer when I was a kid that was all about to change.

Unfortunately fer me ( I believe)…Okay I have to make sure I say this next part right because it can be confusing even to me if I’m not careful…

I’ll give ya somethin to cry about!!

See, (I believe now) my parents were right…and that the  adult Dysu would have a lot less trouble if I had, as a young Dysu, somehow learned (0r been able to learn) to toe the line (play the game).

Instead culture began to embrace the rebellious misfit.

My right to have whatever I want!! Beeyatch!

Not only embrace the irresponsible “fool”, as it were, but to hold them up as a model of right behavior.

After all in the Age of Aquarius we were all gonna live and sing hand in hand in a field of daises while candy colored rainbows provided for all our hazy fuzzy dreams where I could be anything, do anything, believe anything I wanted, and it would come true..

Well hell that was perfect fer me, it reinforced the idea already chemically generated by my own  brain, my little dog, my fiercest opponent.

See (I believe now) that with steady and appropriate pressure, applied early enough, I could have learned to behave more responsibly (or possibly just harness much of my weirdness better?).

Instead I only had inconsistent and odd pressures and a society plunging headlong into a self cultural shift where the irresponsible became every child’s idol.

Which through the hilarious process of “nurture” of course exacerbated the problem. That is my genetic  and cultural heritage.

I was born to be a Dysfunctional Unit, society said it was okay.

If I had been born 2oo years earlier, my parents would probably have beat me to death by the time I was four. In those days you couldn’t afford a useless mouth to feed.

See I have two points (well, yea, lol, but lets not split proverbials)

1. The largest section of any given population is not going to be the intellectuals, or artists, or gifted, or anti-thinkers, it is going to be average people…”working” people

2. When your largest section of the population, who use to be the “working” section, suddenly and mistakenly believe they are arty edgy counter culture rock’ n rollers with one foot in the grave “anti the-man” rebels…well yer population is in trouble.

And that’s where the real joke of my Dysfunction, a part of what spawned the name, the idea of this blog, is that I began to see  how my Dysfunction had become the countries dysfunction in many ways, and what that might mean fer us…so I became dysfunctional over my own dysfunction, double times over and inside out…

And the little dog twirls round and round

2 Responses to “The Pot Calling the Kettle a Slacker…Those Who Can’t Do Teach Pt. 1”

  1. Reblogged this on disfuctionalunit and commented:

    Here’s another from the archives. I notice it has a similar title to a recent post…ahh well. It was one of my Mom’s favorite sayings so ya never know it may spring up again.
    Anyway it has a direct connection to the Sinners Sermon post I’m working on fer tomorrow.
    maybe I’ll re-post part II & III before the New Year
    Annyway God Bless all & Enjoy

  2. c9r1s Says:

    Nicely put. 🙂

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