Versatile Blogger Award Pt. II

April 7, 2012

OMG as you kids would say it sounds so easy, of course when you read it but posting seven things about you that don’t sound ridiculously full o’ crap when listed out that way (oh but yers wont[my nominees] yer all so clever this just goes fer me and me alone). And know I’m suppose to nominate 15-20 other blogs…There’ not gonna be that many Cats and Kittens…a bunch of the blogs I would nominate have already received the award(some more than once) and many very recently…to be honest though I stopped checking, I’m afraid I will have no candidates based on my criteria if I don’t….

See the more blogs I follow the more email I get (you know what I’m talkin about) I mean Jelly Cheese Sandwich’s everybody, ya open up yer emails after goin to bed four hours ago and there are 174 new e’s…Don’t you bastards work or sleep…and ya know if I like yer blog I do actually wanna read it, certainly before I click the like button I wanna know whether or not I actually like it yea(?) But I got, I mean ya know, other shit to do besides work and this…this awesomely addictive endeavor (angry birds bah! I have angry words!) And I love all the blogs I follow(I find them when they find and follow me, I figure if they like me w..well a couple are not in English so I am extremely interested why they find my blog so entertaining and are constantly liking my poetry, DYSU and RWR when, again, they don’t seem to speak English and are obviously not from America…I mean it’s cool, don’t get me wrong I’m just fascinated)…but of course I am way off topic…what am I suppose to be talking about again…?

Oh yea the VBA. let me say right off the get go that I am not going to use their actual images…for legal reasons, oh  and ’cause I didn’t ask any one to use their images, and oh well I thought this would be more fun…

An Artists rendition of "Random Letters" blogger Calhoun

Okay so here’s one guy I like…Calhoun.I like his concept and his dry delivery.

John Haslett (again not really) Anti-Stupidity Blog


I just discovered this young lady um…here. She’s pretty funny, seems like she’s gotta a lot of different projects going on but I have made her a regular read…oh then there is this young kid, this old dude, a young Mom, another young man, then there’s the Zombie Apocalypse by Zombie Spirituality, and America’s Apocalypse (okay I made that part up) with International Liberty …I don’t know if any of them have been nominated before or if they fit the category but I like them and if you haven’t read them, I feel you should at least give them a chance, all of them have at one time or another “liked” me so they can’t be all…bad…(I know you were thinking “…that smart” weren’t ya?)

Okay so one of my favorite little happy bluebirds appears to have been nominated for this award before (more than once [?]) and recently but she’d sure get my pick other wise, as would this Funny Feline, and this young lady who is also from LA (say maybe her and Calhoun should hang out…No duh ya f-tard I know C is gay, I just mean as WP pals) so I’m just given them honorable mentions

Ashely Jillian testing new material on her pet Buzzley Mackinson


The Snarkysnatch herself...(of course...and again)

Anyway of course there are more blogs I enjoy, and more I find everyday, I mean thank God fer WP, it saves me a ton of money on shrinks and speaking of shrinks…no wait, speaking of money I’m all fer gettin nominated fer things but next time how ’bout a cash prize…

I mean God bless ya’ all, and I’m honored and all that, but  cold hard cash is not a bad form of recognition either…Anyway, again, my lil dog is chasing his tail, though I am a mega-ass, old and cranktanquerous, I am glad some folks get a kick outta my site, as much as I enjoy readin’ theirs

4 Responses to “Versatile Blogger Award Pt. II”

  1. Wit and Witty! Yes! Saying much while leaving all captivated. I love witty and smiles.

    Thanks for creativeness not to mention.

  2. A brilliant way of nominating! I checked them all out nad enjoyed most of them, some just don’t seem to fit my caper.

    And I know aht you mean with the emails… Some bloggers post 5-10 times a day… Reblogging 5 things in one day is not cool. Espexially if it;s the same 5 people everyday your reblogging! UGH!

    Reblogging is alright to do, but in moderation.

  3. John Haslett Says:

    Hey Tom,
    Have you been communicating with my mother again. She told me she threw that picture out years ago. My sweet, gray haired, tough-as-nails Mother would never lie to me, would she?

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