Rights Vs. Responsibilities America’s Culture Killer

April 7, 2012

Okay so hey Cat’s & Kittens all that VBA stuff’s outta the way and I can get back to business…I don’t only post my dysfunctional opinions here, oh God know, I regularly get involved in e arguments on a wide variety of sites lol, but one thing  after years of self analysis, generational analysis, logical maturational analysis (reevaluation of previously held beliefs as contrasted to new exposure/understandings as we age) and working with many young kids(mostly young white teens and twenty somethings) struggling to learn to maintain employment in my social service job. I have come to believe that this issue Rights Vs. Responsibilities, or more precisely, our new cultural understanding of how these two societal factors intertwine lie at the heart of our quickly failing country….

Prior to WW II, and fer awhile after, including even, somewhat, my generation our American culture first focused on responsibilities as an American citizen, if I learned those well enough, like say how to follow traffic laws, not because I had too, but because it was best fer society to have a standard set of rules to follow…then I would gain certain rights, like driving a car…

In the beginning, the founding of our country, only those people with land could vote, was this, as we have been (or are still) told because rich white guys wanted to control everything. No land owners had shown the responsibilities (and of course had the only real investment literally) in effort and monies to improve the country and so had a stake in the return of investments …I know this statement is oversimplified and many factors of course contributed to the success of our early America, but from duty and responsibility come reward, seems to ba a pretty good oversimplification if ya’ gotta roll with one…

It wasn’t until the mid-fifties that kids started hearing about their rights (and I know I was born in ’59 so I wasn’t actually there but…) certainly by the mid-1960’s when I was in school it was beginning to blossom, by the time I was in secondary education (mid-seventies) I was firmly aware of my rights as a young American…but the stress on my responsibilities as an American had vanished…completely (at least in my head)

Behaving responsibly in Public. The boring old days weren't really so boring (half were dry humping or getting blow jobs after the dance, but many, in that half, felt pressure to behave responsibly in public).

I know, I know, rights are fun, responsibilities are boooring…

But isn’t that where we are as a culture…it’s the new fun time feel good America….

Public display of right to behave however I feel. Kids today aren't as bad as they seem (half these kids don't really want to engage in public, anal and/or group sex, but many, in that half, will feel pressured to behave irresponsibly in public).

And remember, as with almost anything I write here on Dysu, I did not believe this growing up….

Here’s a concrete (forgive the upcoming pun) example: Public sidewalks…who do they belong to? When I was a young Dysu, a devil may care law breakin’ know yer rights and be ready to flaunt them kind’a guy, I believe like so many people now do…that public sidewalks are for everybody…(that’s my right man)…when I was a homeless Dysu (and very socialistic of course) I would nearly live (sleep, pee, do drugs, drink, fuck, fight) on the sidewalk and challenge people to “deny me my rights”. To do so after all, which the cops in the seventies and early eighties did regularly , was in my mind unAmerican, against the Bill of Rights(I had no idea what was in there I had spent my time in HS Government arguing against the fascist oppressive system instead of listening and learning)…The truth is though, that I did not pay for the use of the sidewalk, the public (taxpayers) own the sidewalk, pay for it’s upkeep, for the people who clean it etc…I am there by their grace. If i cannot utilize their property responsibly, or use it in a manner that make me a social nuisance, then don’t they have the right to deny me it’s use…I mean doesn’t that make sense…

Our American parks, roadways, etc all fall in the same realm, public lands, payed for by taxpayers (working Americans), the “right” to use them should be at the behest of those who actually own them…the responsible citizens of the America…

Oh but everyone pays sales tax on food and the like, you may counter (first of all that’s not 100% accurate some states and f00d products staples don’t have tax and and secondarily especially lately thanks to the large increase in Food Stamps many people don”t pay for food at all) but those taxes, though utilized by local Governments, are ostensibly to pay back the public for the use of  lands and services, transportation, inspection etc of those goods. We all benefit from the timely arrival of apples, and so we all pay a little to ensure continued access and availability, this does not translate though, then ipso facto to any citizen being able to use duly designated public lands for say a bedroom.

The thing is, I know I seem like I am off track but, ya see, we wanna keep teaching our kids about their rights, without first demanding that they show signs of being responsible…this is the new advanced child rearing method, it doesn’t seem to be working…

Teaching children about the amazing country they live in, what this great land has to offer all people, of all races, (as evidenced by certain news items I highlighted in the last few posts) and creeds, and how they can best access these great opportunities by first learning to be excellent responsible citizens of these united states…well

I know it sounds crazy…but that’s how I roll, I’m a Dysfunctional Unit after all

3 Responses to “Rights Vs. Responsibilities America’s Culture Killer”

  1. John Haslett Says:

    Keep rollng that way. . . you absolutely hit the bullseye.

  2. This is so well put, and the concept that the Founding Fathers had a stake in the country and that their land was a physical investment is such a great counter to the argument that they were just a bunch of rich white land owners who created a government that is no longer relevant to the needs of modern society. Well put, really.

  3. You absolutely hit the nail on the head…

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