…When You Try Being Smarter

March 31, 2012

When John and I were boys, a child gained self esteem by accomplishing new and ever increasingly difficult tasks, not just school work, but more importantly, the work you did to help around the house or the farm. Remember the time yer parent would not let you quit doing a job until you did it right(even if it meant till dark), an important (maybe the most) lesson to learn, and just as important it created(s) self esteem in the child.

Now fast forward to the way we parented our own children, did we use our parents  style or abandon it in favor of the new kinder gentler parenting, hovering helicopter friendly fun day parent…even if you are not, even if you are trying to instill core American work ethic values in your child, your child’s teacher is not.  Your kids teacher tells them that they are perfect(unless they are an American little boy of waspy descent). The teacher themselves may not hover but the system does; Spelling? optional. Math? new. Science? humanist religion….anyway I could keep goin on but…

Cause nothing says truth better than a stylishly made up and dressed woman, eating a cupcake while thinking about going on a diet, reading a book with sunglasses on indoors, by an author sure to impress her readers...

I think these are fine examples of the kind of crap…CRAP…that so many of you f-tards think are good ideas. I know that you do because I actually read a lot of your blogs….now to be fair most of the people who I am following are pretty funny and snarky* themselves, (even if they are a little more lib than I[and certainly more sane lol]) and there are I am sure countless blogs I have not found yet with like minded thinkers, but one of the reasons I have failed to find them yet is because I have to wade through so much Livin, Laughin, and Lovin and/or crazy New America Idealism that after awhile I snap and have to crank out some pissed off piece of post…

I mean personally I guess in the long haul, I don’t really give a shit, I’m nearing the end of my little run, I mean I f-d up a lot of it but it’s been fun, and I do understand that we meant (and you who still believe [mean]) the best…it all sounded so good, so right, so easy, but the evidence is in. It’s been fifty or so years in this grand experiment, the counter culture has become the dominant culture I should be celebrating, after all I’m one dysfunctional f-ed up piece of machinery only…the most tragic hilarity of all…I’ve come to see that society should not think like me…society needs to teach our kids that the easy way is the bad way.

The Builders of America

There is a reason that the culture that came to dominate and change  the whole world did so, and being kinder and gentler wasn’t one of them. There is a reason such a culture lifted all of it’s citizens (even the poor, minority and/or disenfranchised ones) into a higher standard (still) of living unknown in the world before then, and it wasn’t the government worrying about fairness…

Home of the Free and the Brave!

Am I saying that everything back in ‘ye old timey days was better? Is that what I said??  Read carefully, all I said is it’s time to admit that in many ways that are really important, our parents, our early American culture were right…hard work, sacrifice and long term planning will always get us ahead-don’t spend money we don’t have- judge someone by what they do, not who they are-sticks and stones may break our bones but names will never hurt us-ya can lead an f-tard to facts but they won’t see the truth-

Alright I made that last one up ’cause it was gettin a little boring, yes I know even I bore myself sometimes…what, you think I wanna keep talking about this crap…hell no…I wanna go back to being what nature and nurture seemed to want to combine to make me…irresponsible…but no…I gotta be this guy…the guy who keeps talkin’ bout personal accountability…just one more reason I’m Dysfunctional

Ya got complaints...Talk to the Chicken!!

3 Responses to “…When You Try Being Smarter”

  1. John Says:

    Ya Baby, keep up the good work. They may all think we’re full of it but fock’em with a big stick (for the unititiated the F word is not misspelled). Have a nice day . . .

  2. As a recovering far-lefty, I’d just like to say thank you for your blog!

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