I’ll Try Being Nicer….

March 31, 2012

Do ya know what that is?

It’s the sound of the crickets chirping after I asked any…any body to defend Obamacare…How about one of your friends? C’mon someone out there in wordpress land must know some one who knows someone who at least supports the idea of this idea?

I mean, okay, so I got more likes for my last post than any other, but after visiting some of these sites I am often stunned and wonder what was it about what I wrote that these individuals “liked”. Reading what they and their “followers” are saying I just can’t understand why they aren’t searching for the “hate” button…or

I have possibly a new theory, perhaps if you are following some fifty plus blogs it becomes quite a chore to actually read every post ( I know, I am following (seriously) about ten or so and am always a page (or more lol)behind in my emails, and it does become tempting somedays to just click “like” without actually reading…but ya know what? I like reading these blogs, (and commenting, hopefully not to the host’s annoyance[aww jesus here’s that dysu again lol])and only one of them is written by another cantankerous old curmudgeon bitchin’ ’bout how we’ve lost our way as a country. And though we are obviously very different we share this one thing in common…

Here is an example of fun facts that John has dug up…

  • City officials in San Francisco are seeking to make ex-convicts a “protected class,” joining blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, the disabled and transgendered, and pregnant women. Ex-cons already have the special status when applying for city government jobs, but a council of top city officials wants to extend the protection to make it illegal for landlords and private employers to ask about a person’s criminal record.

I mean…umm…lololol…jumped up Jesus on a pogo stick…I mean…really? Really?

  • The state of Nevada last year denied a request for a vanity license plate that said “GOPALIN” because, in the view of the Department of Motor Vehicles, such a plate was “vulgar or obscene or expressing superiority of political affiliation.” That policy didn’t stop the agency from issuing personalized plates that said “AL GORE,” “GO OBAMA,” “GOGREEN,” “DMOCRAT,” and “KERRY.”

Another fine example of free speech and tolerance in action

  • The Omaha, Neb., public school district spent $130,000 in federal stimulus money to buy manuals to instruct teachers and school administrators on how to be culturally sensitive. The book, The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change, says that teachers need to work for social justice in order to overcome a white-privileged society. The book says racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism are forces of oppression in schools, and that institutions in America “channel wealth and power to white people.”

    Doin my homework!

This is the killer one…this has been the silent killer of America, the NEA, I know, I know sounds paranoid…okay they have been one of New America’s best propagandists…still you think that’s over the top? Consider that not only have public schools, since the late sixties (remember blue eyed/brown eyed experiment) have been teaching (white) America(boys) how evil it(they) has been(are), it has also managed to figure out how to instill a sense of self esteem and entitlement to a generation of kids who are completely incapable of the type of accomplishment such self esteem would normally spring from…

Wait what you don’t understand the last half of that sentence, okay go back and read it again I will wait…

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4 Responses to “I’ll Try Being Nicer….”

  1. re:obamacare….. As an Australian with federal Medicare. It’s a great thing for the population.

    • I’d like to add that I am aware of an American lib and democrat that agrees with obamacare. The first in Michigan the second in Pennsylvania.

      I read all the posts if those I am following also, though sometimes stop at the comments if i do not plan to comment.

      • John thanks so much for stopping by…I really enjoy your blog so it’s a nice compliment when you push my “like”button…Yea I might agree with you that fer individuals a federal program like Mandated health care is probably great in the short term-might even be persuaded that it’s good fer society short term-but what are the long term costs to both individuals and society at large? Most of my arguments revolve around what is best for the country, the culture as compared to individuals specifically, I think in America, over the past fifty years or so, we have had enough focus on the the individual at the cost of the state, I think a lot of coutries have and that is one of the reasons so many dance on the verge of econoruptic collapse
        We in America already have a pretty heavily subsidized health care system for the poor and indigent and elderly that we cannot afford to maintain…(complex issue with many variables) the real stickler to me of course if being forced to buy somethin’ I don’t want or need…
        I of course being firmly embedded in American poverty may actually even benefit from some new type of socialized medicine, hell I did when I was young and ran the streets, (three different ortho surgeries through IMS or indignant medical services) I just don’t believe in it anymore
        Now God Bless ya’ I always thought you Aussies were a fiercely independent lot…but yer gettin along with socialized medicine okay heh? No real issues, over burdening taxes, out of control medical/government hybrid bureaucracy, people needing services that can’t get them? How about medicine, all sorts, cheap etc,..also what about waiting lists or being denied services? What about the class issue, is that fixed now, is the same health services offered to all or can people with money still get faster more adequate care?
        I’m really wonderin these things…honestly. i have read a lot about the Canadian and British system, a little about some of the others, Northern European countries etc..But don’t know much re: the Aussie system specifically…
        Now I’m not sayin that ours is by any means perfect of course, and I’m still by no means convinced that socialized medicine is the way to go (especially since I could argue that the best thing for humanity [in the long run]would be less medicine not more lol)
        Anyway John, hopefully you’ll stop back and let me know, I really am interested in the facts, your opinion and a healthy debate.
        Thanks Again

      • I actually had an immigrated mate from Cali (last address he’s a traveller) stop by and explain it in proper detail from a “I don’t give a fuck who’s in parliment either John, as long as the right shit is done”

        And after the big assed explanation he gave me and how it majorly differed from Australia’s…

        I am going to have to say now that it’s gonna be more a curse for American workers… But if you’re a business owner, it’s great!

        No real issues, over burdening taxes, out of control medical/government hybrid bureaucracy, people needing services that can’t get them? – our prices are around 40% more than America for all goods and services…

        How about medicine, all sorts, cheap etc,..also what about waiting lists or being denied services? – yeah we always have competitive market (unless new product) in the medicinal region, waiting lists are not so bad, never denied services in life or death, but a bill always lingers agterwards

        What about the class issue, is that fixed now, is the same health services offered to all or can people with money still get faster more adequate care? Yeah, but some have private health ontop to close the gap of costs of medicare. Private health and private hospitals work faster than general, but general hospitals do what they can to keep up with demand, and many private doctors get paid to take one or two days a week from private hospitals to work for general (public / government)…

        Overall mate, I hate politics, seriously fucking hate it… But I need to keep posted on things occasionally, just to keep up with the basics… I vote for who going to do the best thing for Australia, not a particular Party…

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