The Emperor Penguins New Clothes

March 29, 2012

Jesus, dear lord, if you’re up there (which I somehow both believe and disbelieve at the same time more and more each day) please save us from the f-tards, I mean if  that is Your will, which is certainly looking less and less likely every day now….

I’m not sure how to continue I mean, really I am nearly at a loss for words. I have written a lot about bull shite on these posts…just yesterday posted about Hate crimes and this whole Trayvon Martin hullabaloo…and today…well maybe I should be calling myself the Discouraged Unit…

Listen please make sure ya’ hear (or read) the actual words that I am saying, I rarely get comments, but I do get some pretty nasty hate mail from people who claim to be bi promoters of tolerance and civil discourse, until that is, someone disagrees with the claims they are making…so again make sure you actually read what I am about to say…I’m not saying (and often times am not) any one side or viewpoint is right. I am saying (as I always am) that your arguments and positions are faulty because they are based on false premises, double speak, and outright lies.

Liar liar pants on fire

Now don’t e-mail me and call me a racist, claim I support this Zimmerman guy (don’t know him), or any other such outlandish nonsense that I never did say. And when I said (unknowingly at the time) that we should wait for more facts, that is indeed what happened(hate email calling ma a racist, oh it is to laugh). When I  suggested that the media may have an agenda, I was of course now a right wing racist…Low and behold what does Lil’ Mouse show me this morning (with the caveat ‘I don’t know if I should show you this’) Well if you haven’t seen the pics by now you just haven’t wanted to, and nothing I can say here is going to change yer mind is it. So ya know what I’m not gonna show the pic, instead I am going to put up this. A picture of Erica Hill…Erica I am calling you out fer all the bullshit you knowingly perpetrate on the American people…Are you going to apologize? Are you going to say sorry for implying (and continuing to imply) that Mr. Zimmerman is “white”, are you going to come clean as to why you (and your comrades at CBS) ran with the story in the direction that you did, there by inflaming a already tragic situation

It’s all rhetorical, I know you won’t, I mean you haven’t apologized for Herman Cain, or the Duke Lacrosse scandal and I guess why should you…no one, or not enough people are really wanting to look for answers,  they just want to believe..take this lady fer instance

The biggest impact on me just now is the ongoing Trayvon Martin story, seeking truth and justice and fairness! Also, the StopRush movement is very big in my life, to end the sponsorship of such public hate talk! Speaking out for Obamacare is also big on my agenda!


March 28, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Okay so maybe it’s a little mean but like the bumper sticker says, ‘I’ll try being nicer…’

Anyway, I posted on this blog I sometimes read, it was about hate speech in general, but not about the Trayvon Martin shooting specifically. In the post, the lady, a  funny, yet gentle zen and yoga kinda gal(why she ever liked one of my posts originally is beyond me lol)anyway in the posts he asked her readers to think of any news stories that were affecting them at the moment…and the above was one of the replies (off twitter I have come to discover) I chose this reply due to it’s perfection of liberal hypocritical, double speak,  and outright lies…yet this lady (her green and new age nature exemplified by the Emperor Penguin* as her Gravatar [but we’ll get to that]) assures us shes looking for truth first and foremost.

Lets take her statement and examine it for consistency, honesty and clear logic shall we…

“The biggest impact on me just now is the ongoing Trayvon Martin story, seeking truth…” okay well that sounds good so far “…and justice” still okay “…and fairness!” Ahh! there’s the key word. I suggest Madam, that you are not seeking truth, or necessarily justice, but I definitely will agree that you are seeking fairness, and you have already determined what you believe constitutes “fairness” in this instance and so to suggest to us otherwise is hypocritical .

Yer next part is fascinating “Also, the StopRush movement is very big in my life, to end the sponsorship of such public hate talk…” I know this doesn’t seem like double speak, and granbee you can write in reply to tell me if I am wrong but…I will bet dollars to doughnuts that, sweetie chickie pie, you only mean conservative hate speech…I’ll bet you laughed real hard when Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a c*nt, I’ll bet also that during the “Bush” years you yourself said some pretty hateful things….secondarily, I’ll bet you are also a big supporter of free speech, oh no wait we have already determined that only if it supports your view…

Oh Bill yer so intellectual!!

Now remember everyone, read carefully, I have not said anything about liking Mrs. Palin or Rush only that if you claim, as you are, that you are against hate speech, then like the lovely lady whose post you are commenting on try to at least consider that you should be against all hate filled speech.

Lastly I will conquer this Speaking out for Obamacare is also big on my agenda! This is where you begin to encroach into the outright lie category, “Obamacare”  is a sham that will make medical care less available to all (but the rich and powerful)not more. I know you don’t believe this, what’s worse is no matter what facts I present you with you will ignore them because you want to believe in  it so badly. It is all part of an idea, yer idea is good, but it falls into my definition of rainbow wishes and unicorn dreams(the Government though that’s not their agenda, and granbee[and others] you cannot be blamed for believing it at first I mean it sounds so all inclusive and will really help women and children and poor people and)…and here where we get the damn Emperor penguins, I’ll bet Dollface that the most knowledge you have regarding these f-ass birds are the movies that started the whole damn penguin craze back in the early ’00’s…Listen all you f-tards if a penguin could build a boat and sail to America, and get a job on Wall Street so that he could have a cozy f-ass apartment and a sleek new Escalade the little f-er would. Animals don’t live the way they do because they are somehow smarter than us, more in tune with nature, they eat dirt, eat each other,  stand around in freezing balls weather because they have no other choice…they are not smart enough

Okay as usual I am way off track, but still on the same train, ’cause ya see it’s all about the bullshit. I have a few followers now, and only one (or maybe two [judgement still out]) seems to see to the truth of things, but beyond WordPress there are others, like us, who are all, in turn, like the little boy in the old Hans Christian Anderson Fable pointing out the Emperors naked…

The rest of you, my followers who are more liberal leaning, how do you explain these dichotomies to yerself? I mean I really wanna know?  If you believe in truth and justice, how can you rush (lol) to judgement in the name of fairness? I have asked a ton of questions like this through-out my various posts and in general the response has been crickets chirping. I mean I know I would have trouble defending the indefensible but I hear, or read anyway that people are interested in discussing these issues civilly, but all I see is a bunch of people parading down WordPress boulevard believing they are dressed in the latest, hottest facts and opinions, when in reality they stand there bare ass naked

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