What Makes a Hate Crime Rate?

March 27, 2012

Recently there has been a lot in the news about hate crimes. Other bloggers are always posting, responding to the news, writing things like….’I know I’m going to make people mad by saying this…but I don’t think it’s right to judge other people and you people who do it are wrong

Okay so I will skip past the obvious logic issue of your argument(that you yourself have judged) and focus on the ridiculousness of making people angry with yer rainbow wishes and unicorn dreams…I mean it’s cute and its funny but even if ya think it’s a load of left over 60’s self indulgent hullabaloo ya can’t really be angry at it. But the truth is, that at least here on word press, the vast majority of bloggers feel as you do. At least as far as I can tell reading posts, most worders are new age,  multicultural banner wavin’, crystal usin, green believin, super fun time consumin,  forever youth chasin, just like they are so who are they worried about offending?

But if ya wanna be edgy, why don’t we talk about the truth for awhile…

There is this guy, he’s been stalking Lil Mouse for about two and half years, I won’t go into details, however suffice to say that things escalated recently and I felt I had to step in (with Lil’ Mouse’s permission God Bless her)…Anyway, I promised not to go into details (don’t worry we’re doing everything legal[fer now])but the point is, and trust me on this one…I hate this f-er, I mean he has made my woman fear being places, made her…okay well there I go…trust me it’s been rough, as a man, being patient, but I do love her so…okay but the point is see (and again) I hate this f-er. If I were to get a chance (which I say my good boy prayers to Jesus every night for)to accidentally bump into him on the streets (short of him groveling and promising to immediately move out of town) a hate crime would surely be committed.

Which leads me to Dahrun Ravi and of course George Zimmerman

Lets take Ravi first, tell me where the hate is? Are you, then suggesting that Ravi did this out of hatred for all gays? Or does that matter to you at all…does instead “Ravi” represent something larger? Does punishing him send a message, is Ravi, or what you believe Ravi to be (without of course really knowing him or his intentions) represent all the “Ravi’s” out there? Lol enough said…

Now let’s look at the Zimmerman example. I, like everyone else I know or have heard talk about it, was not there so I have no idea what happened, nor am I going to talk about what happened(how can I, I don’t know) I am going to talk about what the media has told me happened, however, according to the media this crazed disheveled white(ish) guy shot this harmless lookin little preteen in a hoodie. Actually it’s worse, according to the media he stalked and killed this poor kid simply because he was an African American, I know this to be true because even our President has told me so…

So lets assume that it is true. That Zimmerman did this as reported. That of course is beyond hatred, cause I mean, really of course it seems to me that some kind of hate is at the root of most crimes, but a person hating an individual based on skin color alone is more akin to my being afraid of using plastics…and that’s irrational. So maybe we should call them “Irrational Hate Crimes” I could go with that……irrational…so yea IHC’s…

Please remember I’m only sayin what I’m sayin. I don’t think what the Ravi kid did was a hate crime, it is simply an extremely sad unfortunate incident, and the kid is screwed no matter what. As fer Zimmerman, hell I don’t know, certainly ay this point it seems like the Zimmerman dude’s a little f-ed up in the head, but I will reserve judgement until the dust has settled and more of the facts come out ( I still remember the Duke Lacrosse scandal a couple years back lol) I am just saying lets reserve judgement before we all go assuming based on limited (and some would say biased[me,I’m one of the say‘ers]) reporting. Of course if it turns out true, well, then we’ll trust Florida to do the right thing and fry the bastard…

But again oh wise and intelligent (yet limited in number and rarely vocal) followers is what I believe…but then again we all know I’m Dysfunctional…

2 Responses to “What Makes a Hate Crime Rate?”

  1. John Says:

    I’m in total agreement on how focked up the media is and how much they compound these problems. If Zimmerman survives the bounty on his head from the New Black Panther Party (I had no use for the Old Black Panther Party), he may get a fair hearing. I wouldn’t bet my money on it since he’s already been convicted by the media with it’s premature drumbeat of guilt. I just thank my lucky stars I’m not him. PS I hope your stalker’s karma radar is working and that it comes around and bites him right in the ass. PPS Someone should tell Obama to shut the hell up, that race-baiting POS.

  2. […] Know I’ve already beat this horse to death so I just wanna say again where the F! is my apology. […]

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