Prognosticatin’ Predilectively

March 20, 2012

Okay so yea, even though I’m postin my novel, working on another one, posting (at least sometimes) to the other blog I work on, posting old poems,writing and posting new poetry, it is really this blog which features my (admittedly strong[arguably crazy]) opinions on culture, society, religion, taxes, and politics (a lot of f-in politics…) that is my real love.

I don’t know why, just the way my brain chemicals function I guess.

But I don’t just talk it I mean, I listen, in my own fashion, take it in, news of all sorts, political, cultural, science, medicine, religion…and not just news but history, I love history of all sorts, watched hours of documentaries, read, read, and more reading…even in the heights of my drug fueled madness, the other dude’s I ran with thought I was weirdo(even among the dysfunctional I was dysfunctional) because of my obsession for all of the above (as well as writing the amount of fights I got into for writing lol)…

Anyway sometimes once in awhile I get a flash. They don’t always come true don’t get me wrong, I’m not sayin I’m psychic (much) or anything, its’ just my little dog…in my brain…have I not mentioned him?

Okay well I know that sounds weird but again, anyway, here’s what hit me yesterday.

All this saber rattling going on right now in Iran…seems kind’a silly I know, I know…but many Americans, and certainly the Israelis are taking their statements of wanting to become a nuclear power, and wiping Israel and America off the map, very seriously. The more Pres. Ahmadinejad speaks the more nervous many of the people in the region, and in America become.

Now I like many intelligent thinking people can’t really see Iran launching nukes at Israel, and yes it may all just be political posturing, a power play for Iran to gain some sort of respectability among it’s allies for standing up against the great Satan (just a cultural side note, we the infidels of the great Satan, United States of America, are known world wide as the culturally insensitive and intolerant ones[?or so we are told again and again by our media, our media stars, many of our politicians and most of the adults teaching our children?oh it is to laugh) Wow anyway that is way off track…

I hear he's scheduled to host SNL late 2013.

Here’s what I’m predicting, now, let me remind you that I have already predicted that Gabrielle Gifford will be heavily involved in Obama’s run, possibly (my guess)even v.p. candidate….but that has nothing to do with Iran now does it?

No what I am predicting regarding Iran is a serious escalation through-out the early summer of ramped up threats and saber rattling by Iran and Pres. Ahmadinejad, we might even see a second “bay of pigs” scenario play out, ya know threats of war and the nuclear clock and the the stage is set for Pres. Obama, who is certainly struggling in the polls, to swoop in and save the day…And yes, I know that I am suggesting that our own govt(secret govt with little g) is assisting(and or fomenting) rebellion in Iran for the purpose of later defusing(or appearing too) said threat.

Geez I mean hell, I try not to buy into too many One World Government Conspiracy theories but Mr. Obama, you’re making that very hard.

The trick isn’t whether I can trust you, or so many of the politicians, both right and left, who, like you believe in a theory of Centralized Planning, (of the ruling monied elite ruling a system of fairness for everyone but yourselves) the trick is in deciphering the truth through the ultimate layers of obfuscating bullshit…

Lol I don’t really, of course, think that is possible. But once in awhile my lil dog catches his tail, and comes up with something..usually, as in this case, it becomes a question of “If I were he what would I do” not necessarily if I were in that position, but if I were that other person in this situation, get it..

Anyway, with Gabrielle Gifford as his running mate, having lowered fuel prices(till 2013 muha-ha-ha[evil laugh]), and brought peace and accord to the Middle East Pres Obama will guarantee himself a second term.

But hey it may not happen this way…what do I know I’m Dysfunctional.

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