Kindler Gentler War?

February 28, 2012

Stunningly enough Cats & Kittens when a people declare war on another country, it usually means they are pissed off at them. I mean over and over on the news I hear why the Afghans, The Iraqis, the Pakistani’s the…okay really it’s not the people of those countries specifically, it is a segment (debatable on how large a segment) of these populations who follow a particular religion. And actually if we want to be honest (and ya’ know I like honesty) it is really only a portion of those individuals (again debatable regarding how large a percentage) who are actively pursuing harm against our country, our people, our soldiers…

What have we done to have pissed them off so bad…well what day is it?

Peaceful Muslims disdain violent protest techniques such as burnin..wait what?

I know I know, we burnt copies of the Qur’an (if we did? Remember the lie re: Guantanamo the bad Bush torture gulag[but good Obama temporary detainment facility] the burnt Book story out of  Gitmo turned out to be false). Before that what was it? Oh yea our bombing raids to neutralize enemy targets accidentally killed a number of women and children, (housed by the enemy in and among said military targets [should I mock their put on concern for their countrymen, or their hypocrisy for calling us murders after flying planes into non military targets full of civilians]). How bout the time before that? Or before that one? Wait what got these people pissed at us in the first place? Wasn’t it something about Kentucky Fried Chicken, I mean I know I hate that crap too but…No wait it was Saddam wasn’t it. We propped up a puppet dictator, yea but didn’t we admit our mistake and go back and kill that guy? Oh you mean the idea of propping up a puppet dictator? Oh no, you mean the other Puppet guy in Iran what was his name? Okay well, yea I can see yer point so…

But wait hold on how come we did that? What was going on in that region which made America, some thousands of miles away determined to try not once but twice to find a friend of America to run the place?

But, you (my imaginary verbal adversary) counter, “What about the time…?” then  I counter ‘oh yea well…”

And we can go back on the ol’ timeline quite a ways in this region, thousands of years of animosity, a boiling, roiling stew of prejudice and hate. How did we get in the middle of all that when all we really wanna do is open up a McFalafel House?

Oh yea Israel, our Judea-Christian heritage demands that we step up and protect Israel, after all she is our sister country in God right.  Only using God in this argument seems a little like the pot telling the kettle it’s a better shade of black…

Oh, now you've written on it! What's that say U.S.A....oh maybe that's in case some people didn't know. Good call on your part there

Ya see Israel isn’t just our allies, they have (fer the most part) joined modern society, like America, live and allow themselves to be guided by a cohesive world view.  The same cannot be said for our mutual enemy in this conflict.

Oh I mean yea sure they have computers and digital satellite link up and every amenity our oil money can buy, but they don’t let women drive cars, hack off body parts for petty crimes, and kill homosexuals all in line with the Institutional Quasi Religo-Government. (I know I know you libs think a Republican’s running the show over there…oh no wait, if that were the case then you’d be hot to stop them).

This recent brouhaha over the burning of the Qur’an is a prime example. If this case were reversed, lets say some Muslims students, during an angry protest at…oh let me pick a college at random…say Berkley accidentally burned some Bibles, it would be at the least, non news. But if it got picked up by the news media it would be reported as, “understandable due to their anger at the treatment of Muslims all over this country by racially insensitive white people.”

Oh sure there would be some out cry from southern churches, a threatened Qur’an burning, but America’s leaders would condemn such action openly and threaten legal action, eventually the worst that would happen to those students, here in evil intolerant America, is that they would get a brief bit of fame on NPR, but the book deal would fall through.

Now yer just bein silly. Two flags, one of 'em doesn't even have any stars...c'mon now!

Alright so let me be serious for a minute because in the end this is the companion piece to the “pauliacs post” from 2/26. See there was a time when American’s could travel all over the world and have no fear, or very little fear of being harmed, simply because they were Americans. So what has changed, are we that much worse of a country? No socially we are much better than we were say a century ago. Are we on a global military mission of conquest? No, if we want what you have America’s got other tools with which to bargain.

What has made us a target then…Our weakness. Nothing emboldens yer enemies like weakness, fear to act, fear to act swiftly, devastatingly.

That’s what speak softly and carry a big stick meant.

If, the next time we started a war, we went into it meaning to kick ass and win, (in it to win it as they say) far fewer lives would be lost and far less dollars spent.

It is trying to fight these kinder gentler wars that are not only dragging the wars out fer interminable lengths, but allowing the enemy time to re-group and rally.

We are in a war everybody, our enemy does not just see this as a war with just America, this is religious war, this is the ultimate battle.

I know, I know, we’re nice people, we don’t judge others, (unless this was some Christian right wing nut job group here in the ol U.S.A.) we’re the kinder gentler America with new and improved wishy-washy action. Our enemies however, are not. They are determined, resolute, and in for the long haul.

Okay! All right! Now yer just showin off! I mean four flags, two more and you get a roller coaster!

And possibly, just possibly, I’d be less dysfunctional over the whole issue if their world leaders would condemn the actions of this supposed minority (as ours would) but no instead the voices of world leaders, including our own, ring out in understanding and ask if they would be so kind to, possibly, maybe, consider the possibility, of maybe not killing  American’s for awhile…

Yea, that outta teach ’em a lesson

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