A Disclaimer By Any Other Name…

February 27, 2012

Alright so hey some friends ( I do have a couple) were wondering why this page didn’t show up on Facebook like my other pages do, I mean this is my main page bearing the ol dysu logo and yet, only the other blogs ( 409 N.  etc and Random Writes & Rongs and it’s accompanying posts) make it to Facebook, make it out to the greater public at large.

Well there’s a very good reason and her name is Lil’ Mouse….see it goes like this. I’m this cantankerous half crazed (or wholly crazed depending on who you ask) opinionated (puttin it mildly) old curmudgeon. Lil’ Mouse my woman is this beautiful vivacious young liberal Catholic artist librarian (I know…What she sees in me…?) the thing is I would drive her crazy all day & night talking about politics, social issues, religion and a big helping of how women(of which Lil’ Mouse is a shining example[of womanhood not the following]) have been ruining things since the Garden of Eden

Now She’s whip cracker smart and so we will have some pretty intense debates but…it eventually wears her down and I understand why. I mean I can be relentless in a debate, if you haven’t noticed yet,  and hyperboliclly mocking and cruel…I never mean anything by it, I’m simply in the moment having fun and of course think I’m being funny…and that’s how the original idea for this blog came about…I’m not sayin’ Lil Mouse suggested it as a way to get herself some peace & quiet…but now that I look back…

But really I had planned to write all this down anyway eventually, I mean my life’s been too weird (did I ever mention staring in a short movie for After School Specials in the late 70’s)to not try and write it all down, if nothing else it will give my many children something to mock and laugh at  years after I’m gone.

Anyway the point of this post, what point there is, is that Lil Mouse worries about the stuff I write here, so let me offer this disclaimer: *The “DYSU” posts are where all my craziest most offensive, most politically incorrect ideas, writings, rants can be found (though 2nd disclaimer with-in the disclaimer I feel I’m just tellin the truth, in my own inimitable dysfunctional way). If you happen by this blog, which is of course my first (due to the desire of Lil’ Mouse for me to “get that blog going “) and main page so it’s quite likely this is where you will start , and yer just horribly offended (which may happen if you have an abundance of estrogen in your blood stream). You may wanna check out the blog we write together Random Writes & Rongs, it’s a little more warm and fuzzy, not so politically incorrect or…um…paranoidically unhinged. Cause we all have more than one side, more than one facet that makes us, us. This is the side that after an hour of watching the CBS morning show Lil’ Mouse tells to stop pacing, turn off the TV and turn on the computer…

No matter what else I say, it’s good for every man to have a smart woman by his side, and to let her know he feels that way…once in awhile…don’t wanna get to carried away, might ruin my image

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