The Pauliacs Attack

February 25, 2012

Okay so hey there cat’s & Kittens, It’s me the Ol’ Dysu & one of the things I have learned recently is you do not wanna piss off Ron Paul supporters. There is a real genuflectual idolatry here,(not unlike supporters of Pres Obama) and the passion one can only describe as true believerism.

Listen, I will put aside my whole diatribe that only we, the American people can save ourselves from ourselves for this post, (which was my plan originally) and instead focus on Rep. Paul due to my being Pulled this off Google images. Not my creation. Tried to find artists/creator to no avail, unsure who to creditpissed off at a number of Pauliacs who I got into an electronic conversation with moments ago.

Listen…um…Ladies and Gentlemen, and this goes for all you other Pauliacs, stop claiming Rep. Paul’s record shows he is for limited Government, the facts do not support your argument. The facts show that, not only does he wholly support big fed pork, but that he is duplicitous by nature  in his manipulation of the system.

But, let’s just say for the sake of argument, that he is telling the truth here, this so called constitutional genius, that still leaves us with his attitude regarding foreign policy.

Now I know I have addressed this before but, upon review (and after my e-con with the faithful) I do not think I was clear or forceful enough in my arguments as to why this “blowback” idea is a disaster for American interest.

Despite what Rep. Paul, his advisers and supporters would have you believe the world is not like a big neighborhood.

The world is much more akin to a prison yard with no guards. I know most of you have not had the pleasure so let me paint a picture. There are mostly average people, good, bad, just tryin to get along, do their time etc. then there are a couple bad apples, some real bad eggs as it were. If there is no one to step up, stand up, these bullies will run rampant.

The thing is no amount of reasoning, no well thought out intellectual argument will sway these individuals. Only force.

Deliver enough force, with fierce quick and decisive action and amazingly enough you have less bullies stepping up in the yard in the future, yer allies will respect you more and those on the fence will (as long as you stay strong) become yer allies.

That is the way it  works.  I mean I’m sorry, I’d like it to be different too.

I’d like their to be rainbows and unicorns around every corner the problem is…I live here, on earth.

I’m not sure where you Pauliacs live, and if you want to support him that’s yer business. Just get yer facts straight.

He is in fact, when it comes to spending, just another politician, when it comes to defense of our national interest in the world, he is something far more dangerous.

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