The Will for a Pill to Fix All Our Ills

February 18, 2012

Hilarious breaking news folks…and okay well I just gotta be one of the first to say…well I mean, I didn’t ever write a post about it so I’ve never told you so but…

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been ranting about this for years. It would be one of the subjects that would be categorized under the heading of “Geez Dysu write a book about it already”, and in part a reason I started writing this blog. It’s just been with so much other bull in the way I hadn’t quite gotten around to our desperate pathetic attempts to be happy at all times, to have our health, our lives, our looks, our bodies, be perfect, in perfect synchronicity, harmony with itself,with loved ones, with all living things in nature…

If you start off with the idea that there is some magic happiness level  we can reach and then maintain (like Buddhism’s Nirvana I am assuming), while also  assuming that somehow we can keep our physical bodies from the ravages of time; well then reality is probably pretty depressing fer ya!

Luckily I don’t harbor those illusions. I like this motto;

Anyway enough and lets get to it, I have been tryin to embed this for a while but f it here’s a link, please check it out before continuing…

Depressing news for the depressed

…oh my hold on…oh..lol..it is to laugh! I know you probably don’t see the humor. I’m dysfunctional, what can I say, I found their reaction to this study even funnier than the study itself. I mean is incredulous the right word?

Okay Lil Mouse said I should summarize fer you  bendejos  who most probably didn’t visit the link so here goes…Leslie Stahl tells Charlie Rose & Erica Hill that if you have been taking and paying for antidepressants over the years you might as well been shovelin sh*t in a hole to make yerslf feel better. Well that’s not it exactly, but ya’ know if your are to lazy to research what people are telling you, you get what you deserve, I mean no wonder this country…okay I’m gonna get off track …

The “Experts”are  trying to say that the pills that they didn’t know exactly why or  how they worked, but still have been selling you to fix a problem that may (possibly, most certainly) or may not actually be real, now that they have had time to check and study their theories thanks to a willing nation full of test subjects, turn out may not be able to solve or fix this problem that may or may not be real and that they are (possibly maybe for sure this time) sorry for the last twenty years or so of suggesting otherwise….go ahead re-read it. It took me a few hours to puzzle this sentence together, it may take a few minutes to unravel it lol

Did you notice when Mrs.(Ms?) Stahl talked about the placebo effect and the power of suggestion. That people can be “suggested” into believing they’re curing their depression. Gosh I wonder if the opposite is true?

I wonder if possibly maybe we just “suggested” ourselves into a nation wide depressiobsession somewhere in the early Nineties.

Or just perhaps it is natural that some people are more melancholy than others.

Perhaps adhd, add, whatever they’re calling it now, has always been with mankind.

Perhaps Poe was depressed. Perhaps Capt Cook had adhd, and well maybe it didn’t work out the best for them but, I mean think of what they gave to society.

Anyway, I don’t know how the hell I got all the way to Capt. Cook (maybe my own adhd) but what I am tryin’ to say I guess is ya know it’s alright, we’re alright, I mean I know we’re all f-ed up, but that’s all right, that is how it should be. Out of all this sh*t some beautiful flowers grow. Sure we can get rid of the manure, but where would we be without the flowers.


One Response to “The Will for a Pill to Fix All Our Ills”

  1. Alright so I couldn’t get that damn video to embed…will continue to try to get the video in the post until then…think link

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