The Republican Race for Second Place pt. 2

February 3, 2012

Okay so where were we? Oh yea the expert..the Constitutional scholar, the Reagan conservative, the right wing Roosevelt, the self proclaimed expert on all things governmental Mr Newton “Newt” Leroy Gingrich. Now again don’t get me wrong Cats and Kittens, I like Newt, read his books, think he’s smart, an important voice in today’s theater of ideas (pronounced with a European accent if done correctly) as it were. But he is not, cannot possibly be for limited government, not when he is also for larger government. Newt, God bless his soul is one of countless well educated monied elite who truly believe that it is up to Government to direct the people.

I’m sure an example would be good here, and we all know how much I like wasting words on those, but here goes I’ll try. There are a lot of Americans who believe in an open immigration policy, just open borders no restrictions, these people for the most part identify with the democratic party, I know I used to be a democrat and an open border supporter (oh wait I still am, though I also consider myself a conservative [put that in yer judgmental pipes and smoke it]). Okay wait where was..oh yes…there are a lot of people who support open borders. There are also a lot of people, mostly conservative this time, who favor closed, even (facistly in style) walled borders (don’t even get me started on that asshat idea). Overall however there are very few people who favor some sort of amnesty situation again. But Newt, he  doesn’t care about that, boldly enough, he tells us what is best…I mean they all do it…but there is no one who does it quite like the Newtster.

Now to be fair much of the Newtfervor is based on the the three fold idea that a: he’s not Romney, b:he’s not Romney and finally c:he will clean the Presidents clock in a debate. Okay lets examine this shall we. Both a & b can be supported by strong arguments, so I mean ya got me there but c’s where ya lose me.

Now don’t get me wrong…again…but Newt is like the really smart guy in debate class that annoyed the crap out of all the other kids, the President, Mr. Obama, he’s like the cool kid…if the American people were all debate coaches no doubt Newt would win. But most Americans, I believe at this point, would struggle to spell debate let alone understand the complex issues discussed in one. Instead, all Pres. Obama will need to do is, like the kid on the spot in Bill & Ted’s excellent Adventure, throw up his hands with an “America Rocks” and the crowd will go wild. I’m sorry republicans and conservatives, intellect no longer wins the game (if it ever did?). So even if Newt can somehow convince half his own party that they don’t really want the policies they think they want…that they want his policies instead, I do not believe he will be able to take the election.

Okay so where does that leave us I mean true, small fed conservatives (by god American independents who know the libertarian party’s got no chance in hell of getting a viable candidate) I mean there is no one else is there no true limited government candidate, no one else who..okay well..might as well deal with him I mean the guy just won’t go away so lets talk about he other “constitutional expert” in the field Mr. Paul, Ron Paul, SenatorPaul whatever I mean jumped up Jesus get the hint Buddy.

Listen Mr. Paul, I’ll put aside the fact that your district got and gets a lot of federal pork money that you only recently seemed to be concerned about and buy into the idea you want to, in essence, disassemble most of the fed, I’m on board baby love it, I’m mean yer a little loony and look like ol’ Pat Paulsen (who also ran a comedic campaign fer president) but I’ll go ahead and buy what yer sellin…or would…and here unfortunately is where you lose me and every right thinking American.

Here is a quote I pulled from the top of the Ron Paul website under the heading “foreign policy”

If you hit someone and kill their family, they will hate you and probably hit you back in the future.

That’s what blowback is all about. It seems like such a simple concept, but many of Ron Paul’s opponents for the Presidency vehemently denied its validity.”

This is his main argument for his foreign policy stance. This is simplistic idealistic drivel at best, as a foreign policy directing how we deal with other countries in the world who, even if they don’t hate us, covet our resources and fertile farmlands, is a further weakening of America’s stance in an increasingly hostile world.

I mean but here he is, still, the guy won’t  away, he’s everywhere (like Droopy), his “Ron”-ites, or “Paul”-ists (whatever I’m sure they have a trendy catch phrase name) seem to be everywhere and the left loves him…but again why shouldn’t they, he a: hates the military and b: will never ever beat President Obama. I mean if there was one candidate who can make even Newt look presidential it’s good ol’ Sen. Paul.

So again we are back to my original concern. I hear lots of confident talk by conservative radio hosts and commentators but I for one do not share there sense of surety, their (unfounded as far as my experience goes) faith in the modern American voter.

Half of the young people I work with cannot spell…okay wait let me rephrase that many of the young adults I work with cannot spell; I mean simple everyday words. They have no idea what is going on in the big wide world unless it involves entertainment, sex, alcohol and or drugs (or best if its all of them combined). They don’t only not know about things like the deficit, taxes, profit margins, etc they don’t want to know about them.

But nearly all of those kids love Obama, and they love the idea of redistribution of wealth. All it means to them is that they can get  that new 70 inch flat screen, that new smart phone.

Does any republican candidate, whichever old tired rich white guy we decide to send up against Obama have anything to compare to that, free money and a chicken in every pot displayed in high def?

I don’t think so, but you know me, I’m dysfunctional so hell I could just as easily be wrong about all this…

So what solutions do I offer, I don’t know, that’s what I’m saying, you’ll have to go with yer gut, right now, if nothing changes I’m voting Cain & Trump for 2012, at least that presidency would be something new, oh and entertaining for the kids…

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