The Republican Race for Second Place pt. 1

February 2, 2012

Okay well here we are, a few Republican primaries under our proverbial collective belts, and I thought it might be kind’a fun to look at where we are and to do a little prognosticatin’ bout where we might be headin.

Alright so probably the best place to start is an overall view of the candidates, a bunch of yuksters, okay well so…wait what? Okay well ya’ want more than that. Overall view is that most of the candidates are big federal government supporters (all except save one but we’ll get to that Cat’s & Kittens) and that makes them not unlike their democrat rival, it’s just the details that then become definitive. Overall the candidates that are left in the race, though they may be Republicans, are definitely not conservative, or do not  adhere to strict conservative values…

Quick aside for the vast majority of you who may possibly (someday) read this…I, like many people who call themselves conservative, believe in limited federal government, that’s why so many of us were angry with Bush during his last four years where he proved that he too believed the federal government was a tool to achieve his aims. To a conservative, this is no different than the democratic side of the aisle and why, in the long run it has been so hard to get the party to coalesce around this guy…

Mitt, Mitt, Mitt, what are ya gonna do? I mean I like ya, and I will probably vote for you if it comes to that, but there is a reason  (beyond your smooth well polished delivery) that you are the Republican candidate of choice for our unbiased media here in America. I imagine you like to think that you are the media darling you are because of your flashy winning smile and intellectual yet charmingly disarming manner. If you do believe that I feel sorry fer ya’ cause the truth of course is much uglier, they like you because they know (as do many conservatives) that you are one of them, one of the cultural and monied elite. You believe, in the long run, as they do, that Government is the answer to the countries problems. I know you’re this great business whiz, and I like that, but will you treat the Government like one of the failing bushiness’s you acquired in your iron fisted ceo of Bain Capital days? Don’t get me wrong I mean that’s what I want you to do, I just don’t think you will. Sure you will trim some government programs and areas, policies, or pet projects that are solidly democrat to prove what a good conservative you are to your base, but you will also fail to address the real issue…wait what? You wanna know what I think the real issue is hold on let me fig..oh okay how bout this…I slap this image I pulled off the net…I think that works for a starter….Also remember I am a reta…whoops promised Lil Mouse wouldn’t use that word (cause all you retard bastards keep whining)…but I’m gettin off track…ya see it’s worse ’cause we are not, as a country even paying off the interest on the national debt…It’s really like the housing crisis for the whole country except the bank in this instance is CHINA.. so ya see Mitt, can I call ya that, what I wanna know is how are you going to convince me that you are the guy for this job. Listen, I’m dumb when it comes to math, I mean not only am I not that good at it, i don’t wanna be good at it…not my thing, never gonna be an accountant…an area of life where my Dysfunction really shows and in some ways limited my earning potential…gettin way off track but what I’m tryin to say is that even I can grasp the concept that spending more than I am taking in will eventually result in my going broke and my ending up back on the street…why can’t you grasp that!?!

Okay so sorry Mitt, I got a little carried away and may have been talking more to my readers (all 2 of them) more than just you. I do like what you said regarding the very poor last night, and you are right so if ya’ don’t cave to media pressure and back track on the statement I will be pleasantly and supportively surprised. No matter what everybody else believes the Government cannot abolish poverty by taking from one group to give to another, the only winner in that scenario is Government.  So if ya believe and are ready to end the war on poverty I am on board. Now how ’bout the next most costly and pointless war the drug war, how bout we end that? Oh no thats a good republican waste of money so that’s okay, is that how you see it?

And that becomes the nut of problem for most conservatives, so who do you vote for? How bout this guy? Rick Santorum is also running for the Republican nomination and may hold  distinction of being the first candidate to ever win the Iowa Caucus and to have said win ignored by the Media.  Mr. Santorum seems like a sincere guy. It wasn’t but just recently however that his behavior was much more akin to Bush and Kerry and many other Washington elites, who no matter what side of the aisle they claim to be on they are spend to solve bandwagon jumpers,he is like so many in Washington really a member of the green, as in money, party. As to a head to head in national elections I’m sorry Mr. Santorum I really don’t believe you have a chance, the media will do to you what the Romans did to..oh wait there I go again and I don’t wanna go there…so the point is that you are literally far too right and far too white to win in a head to head election against Obama. Besides I’m not sure if you know this or not but many of the people who call themselves Republican’s don’t want the Federal Government to be involved in an issues like abortion either pro or con, leave that to communities, churches synagogues mosques what have you and people, local people and local city county state governments to decide…

See the Federal Government was only supposed to provide for the common defense of the states and to settle issues between them such as tariff disputes etc…I mean I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I mean, you probably are an expert in this stuff or at least know some one who is wait…how about our next Candidate oh but before I do lets split this blog up cause I’m hell’a long…

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