Big Motherville of Thee I Sing

January 26, 2012

Okay well here we go, it’s been awhile, but that’s not ’cause I’ve been too busy…no really I’ve got some other projects going and they might be posted already but fer two things. One they are not compatible with the rest of my Dysu crap really so they should go on a new page or even blog, however because of…Two, my new attempts are more…complicated to lay out on the page so I am looking for some co-authors, co-artists, co-posters if any one is interested…but I am off track because though I have been semi and occasionally busy with these projects, I also get discouraged and struggle to keep on task, struggle to believe that we are smart enough as a people to overcome and remain free…
Just let me give ya two recent examples. Here in my home town the city and county have received federal dollars to further attack smoking and smokers rights and they are, without mercy or mirth, doing just that. Now I realize that much of the rest of the country has already succumbed to this madness…but that’s why I moved here, to the frozen north, where people are tough independent and no nonsense, but here we are on the verge of making the smoking of legal nicotine products in all public spaces illegal.

And I know, I’m not stupid, many of you (who may possibly someday read this blog) are nodding yer wittle heads in agreement, “After all” you say “We must protect the chilren from the killers who chose to smoke near them because everyone knows   it is a proven indisputable fact that 2nd hand smoke causes cancer.”  EXCEPT…except…News Flash  2nd hand smoke has not been proven to cause cancer. It is very clear if you just stop and do a little research, but I know you won’t…you who want to believe the lie.  And nothing the lil ol Dysu can say will change yer mind will it, but how about Penn & Teller the famous comedian magicians check this out if you still believe 2nd hand smoke has been proven to cause cancer..

Okay so you didn’t bother watching did you? See because it fits in with the rest of your schema (a psychology term, Greek in origin, go look it up) to continue to believe a lie, to believe the bs, as does the next crazy thing I am forced to listen to this morning…Mrs Obama’s call for tougher nutrition regulations for schools and the CBS news heads reactions to it.  I haven’t heard it yet, just the promo, but I already know whuich way the wind will blow. They will see the wisdom, have experts that back the statistically moot pseudo science and all nod there heads in agreement. Of course they are balanced so they will give the opposite view a minute or so for rebuttal, then gently chide and mock him as they roll into the next segment.

But the critics are right we live in a nanny state indeed Big Motherville of Thee I Sing…it is far too late to put that genie back in the bottle.

But that’s only if you believe like I do, parnioidly dysfunctional

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