Declaration of Dysfunction: Article 3 Section I

January 8, 2012

Sso hey cats & kittens it’s me the Dysu and I’m hoping to wrap up this whole theme in this one post so God bless America and yee-haw lets get started shall we.

I think the best place to start however is with a quick look back, a review as it were of where we’ve been…

D.1 was the difficulty of transitioning to my new environment in the land of ‘Oz, the social pressure of my new peer group and my inability to blend in enough to maintain factory settings and become the unit I was originally intended to be.

Hopefully that sentence makes sense to ya’ll.

Okay well maybe  some b.s explanation crap to help further understand all the other convoluted confounding things I’m gonna say.

I am born, a interesting blob of matter. A structure of chemicals and tissues, designed to grow, to replicate, as well as to program itself through a quirk of chemical influencing along varied paths of interest. This blob, this baby, this new unit, (me in this specific instance) is actually born with a genetic implanted fate of what I am  meant to become. Here’s where I believe the line between science and God starts blurring (but thats just me and that’s fer a different post) .

Okay so did that make sense? I am genetically designed (destined) to be something, and I know most of us in today’s society wanna think we’re artists or deep thinkers etc, but…okay whatever I don’t want to spend too much time on this.

The point is that as babies we are meant to become something. Then life starts happening and things get interesting.

Often times what a person was originally meant to become is somehow distorted, re-directed, perverted.

Sometimes this redirection is beneficial. Sometimes it is not.

Anyway if we all can agree on that simple concept? Everybody on board? Because this becoming is important.

See while D 1. discusses the part of me that was wrestling with peer acceptance, everything may have been alright if there was support and some sort of grounding at home.

In Article 2 of my Declaration it is clear of course that home had become, for a wide variety of reasons, simply another hostile landscape for me to navigate through.

But remember that much of this was my own fault, well the fault of genetic designing or fate or God’s plan or whatever the f you wanna call it.

I was not the type of unit that could hold up under such conditions; or so 20/20 hind sight and 30 some odd years of personal reflection have shown me.

Some units thrive under adverse conditions. Oprah survived years of sexual abuse and look what kind of unit she turned out to be. Oh I mean yes of course, dysfunctional in some ways to be sure, but somehow the adverse events helped her hone her unit (self perfecting) into a fuller more productive version.

The only conclusion of course is that I, and other units like me must be flawed then in some serious way…but, and I repeat but, much of that still would have been okay I still may have very well survived school and family and somehow managed to find a productive place in society if not for the subject of this post…

Article 3 of my Declaration of Dysfunction; the Counter Culture revolution, the hippie movement, tune in, turn on, drop out, do your own thing if it feels good do it do it do It!!!

And man did I ever. I mean I was late comin to this whole party (I was born in the very tail end of the baby boom generation and was as far removed from Woodstock geographically as I was temporally)but I did my best to catch up .

My big brother (seen in this great 70’s pic) five years older than me started trying to mimic the hippie look sometime in 69 or 70…by the time I got old enough being a hippie was almost a..dare I say it…a joke.

But anyway, so look, ever since I was a kid I have been pretty happy, happy with life, happy with who I am.

But from my peers to my family there was nowhere that I felt safe and accepted for being me, the young unit that I was. But I was about to find some…

Again and anyway I’d learned the advantage of violence and cruelty from my peers,  I had learned the lesson of abandonment and frailty of human connections from my family, and as I cast myself adrift into the big world I found there were a lot of other units wandering around looking for purpose in this brave new world of self centered over indulgent exploration and drug fueled extended childhood.

Tune in, turn on, drop out.

(And do you know what I discovered, dropping out screws you by the time you’re thirty, all your friends will have moved on gotten real jobs, wives and kids and mortgages, and yea you tell yourself your a real rebel not tied down by all that bullshit, as you search the next row of bushes to bed down for the night…)

Looking back maybe there is some one I can sue over this issue. I mean I know Dr. Leary is dead now but doesn’t he have some sort of trust situation.

Alright I’m gettin ahead of myself, or behind myself or anyhow off track..

Okay n’ here I am once again well past my 500 word count. I knew this one was gonna run long but I’ve barely touched the theme of the post so before we get too far how bout we split it?

2 Responses to “Declaration of Dysfunction: Article 3 Section I”

  1. Reblogged this on disfuctionalunit and commented:

    Been a crazy week n though I haven’t been able to sit down with enough time fer a brand new post, I had promised I would get my ol Declaration of Dysfunction:Article 3 Section I & II up fer yer enjoyment so…here ya go

  2. Trent Lewin Says:

    When are we going to see the science and God post?

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