Live Laugh Love You Bastards!!

December 29, 2011

Hey Cats and Kittens its yer ol pal the Dysu. Been terrible at posting regular and I apologize to anyone who actually cares, which I’m assuming pretty much means very few individuals beyond of course my beautiful Lil’ Mouse (notice I am not necessarily including my twenty somethin’ “the Aguanga Kid” who also requested [after reading my first few posts] that if I were to include him in a blog to use a pseudonym as I do with Lil Mouse).

Anyway I have no real excuse, I mean beyond my regular dysfunction, and the growing gnawing anxiety and deep depression that I will have no one to vote for again come November of 2012…f-ing a you bastards…but that’s not for this blog…not yet…I wanna wrap up, in general my tirade over the gentler sex.

See, even when I am writing about something such as the frustratingly farcical food stamp program, the housing hullabaloo (I was hoping I could work that word in one day) agonizing over anti smoking attacks, (which I haven’t written about yet and Jesus I mean do I need too, does anyone still believe that 2nd hand smoking bullshit), the green movement, any and all of it can directly be laid at the feet women and the slow feminization of our society.

Look you can be pissed at me if ya want, but it’s true, I’m so sorry to have to tell ya…well again, not really, I like bursting your flimsy little ill constructed bubbles.

And remember, I like women, think they are important to society, perhaps as a whole, more important than men. In societal terms most men are simply the muscle, the tool. Does that mean women are the brains? No I’m sorry ladies, you are the heart, the soul…all right that’s not the best example.

Instead lets just look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, pseudo scientific like, and pay a visit to my little cave man family again.

If I am Mr. Caveman, big and strong well I can pretty much bully any cave woman and get what I want physically. How can Mrs. Caveman get what she wants? Mrs Caveman had to use other skills….well okay I mean beyond the obvious she also had to form a cohesive unit with the other females, it was survival, and so the female wiles were born.

A cave man could take what he wanted, cave woman had to manipulate cave man to get what she wanted.

So in essence it’s evolution, it’s in your DNA, manipulation’s in your blood and you cannot help yerself.

Okay well I mean crap, I haven’t even really gotten started and I’m already closing in on 500 words, I really want to get through this in one blog so we’ll see how well I can defend these statements in the next 43 words or so.

Also, I am not the only person to ever point this out, every one from the writers of the Bible to Shakespeare to…well okay all my examples are from the past because my generation has decided to rewrite history in hopes of altering this fact.

Don’t ya see, they are so good at manipulating, that as a group, they are manipulating all of our society to agree that they do not manipulate. I know it sounds insane but I’m just pointing out the obvious

What started out originally as the claim that they wanted equality has ended with the social and cultural understanding that women are smarter than men, healthier than men, tougher, stronger, and as of the last ten years, can handle more pain than men. Men are only better than women at being cruel and violent, as we are often told, which pretty much makes men pointless at best

And isn’t that the joke. Think of every family oriented sitcom from the last twenty years or so, the Dad, if present at all, is portrayed as a dufus.

Okay well I’m past my limit, and probably very close to losing your attention so I’ll have to face the fact that I just can’t squeeze everything I want to say (especially when you consider my rambling) in one damn blog.

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