I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday For a Hamburger Today

December 22, 2011

So lately I have heard repeatedly, on every channel, at every turn how the poor don’t have enough to eat…

Really have you seen the poor?

Have you been down to your local food pantry give away or to a place like we have here, The Banquet, which serves three meals a day to people “in need”?

Okay well I’m jumpin right in, Hi everybody it’s me the Dysfunctional Unit, and before you ask, I have been poor, I have been not so poor, and now, well I’m pretty sure I’m poor again. So if you have never been poor, never spent time living among Americas less fortunate, pay attention ’cause I’m gonna school ya’.

“The Poor”  in this country have everything they need, if they don’t, it is their own fault, not the fault of the availability of goods or services. Food Stamps, WIC, Food Pantries, Food Banks & even more programs offer food to many Americans. Medi-care, Medi-caid, IDS, are just three of the federal programs making medical services available for the less fortunate, plus many larger cities have numerous free clinics paid with county or state funds.

There are programs to help pay rent, utilities and more.

Now of course many of the individuals who use these services fail to follow through properly, or fail to utilize them to begin with. This of course does not surprise me and shouldn’t surprise you. The poor are poor for a reason.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, sad to be the one who has to pull the curtain back to reveal the ugly truth…wait no I’m not.

I’m not because somebody has t0 point out this bullshit, this is how we got into trouble with Fannie & Freddie…wait…what? You need some sort of clarification.

Okay ya ready here we go…during the 90’s, the Clinton years (and before you ask yes I voted for Clinton), there were many studies introduced by Universities and think tanks which  proved (implied) that children who came from owned households were more responsible and more likely to succeed and go on to contribute to society from a tax base purpose, not end up in jail etc etc the list goes on and on.

Of course the brilliant thinking was “well lets get more people into houses”.

I mean these are supposed to be our best and our brightest, what a bunch of retards, it’s basic science 101, cause and effect sort of thing. But that’s how we got started on the whole housing crisis, faulty logic and bullshit reasoning

Was it possible that the individuals who were smart enough, responsible enough, competent en.., well okay  you get what I am trying to say…What? Not yet?

Look it’s easy it isn’t the house itself as a physical structure that somehow passes some magic responsibility juice into it’s inhabitants. Its the parents passing on their lifestyle, their culture of responsible stewardship to their children.

Amazingly enough, all those adults who couldn’t afford houses or manage to save for one, couldn’t afford or save enough to keep one.

But I am way off track here, aren’t I, this is suppose to be about the poor not havin’ enough to eat…and as usual it’s really about the chilren…help the chilren out…those poor poor kids who don’t have enough to eat.

Well I got two things to say to that.

One, if ya can’t afford ’em, why have ’em? and Two, once ya’ have em, stop buying beer and smokes and cell phones if you can’t afford food fer yer damn brats!!

Look I’ve worked for grocery stores before so i know what people on food stamps buy…hell honestly many many moons ago (back when food stamps still came in books) the old dysu even received them for awhile…of course I traded mine immediately for drugs…And see that’s my point, or was my point before I got distracted the vast majority 90+% of FS recipients are so because they are irresponsible dopes.

The day people receive their EBT money (I think its like the 8th or the 10th of the month) is the worst day in the grocery business, I kid you not and any one out there who’s worked the grocery business can verify. T-bone steaks, shrimp trays, chips, Lunchables for the kids,  more chips, bags and bags of f-ing chips all expensive ass shit.  And nine times out of ten they have beer or want smokes…oh they have cash for that. These are the people they claim need more money for food.

F- em that’s what I say

A week later these retards are out of funds on the old EBT card. And I will agree that it is the children who suffer…but in the long run f them too.

I mean I’m sorry what can I say but it is really natural selection, it will have to end some time. At some point we will (or you will ’cause I will be dead) have to face the facts that there will be too much weight to keep the boat afloat, and you will be forced to toss the useless overboard before they drag the whole damn ship down.

Am I suggesting killing the poor? Nothing can be farther from the truth. But stop making it so easy for them to grow their numbers because trust me, though you think the notion of killing the poor is abhorrent, the poor do not feel the same way about killing the rich, or for that matter anyone with more than them if it means they can take what you got.

Especially, most especially, if they have been raised in an over indulgent culture that also teaches them that they deserve the same as other people just for the simple fact of being who they are. After all the Government promised  life, liberty, and happiness right? Oh no that’s right just the pursuit of happiness, you have to chase it down, and there’s the problem you bastards the poor are getting too fat for that. We’re going to have to bring happiness to them.

Okay , alright, seriously the poor, the really poor, do not need anything more from society, they are getting enough, perhaps (and certainly from my perspective) too much. Nothing can be appreciated until you’ve earned it. I’m not the first person to say it. Hell I thought it was bullshit when my distant dad tried to finally pass on some sort of wisdom, but it’s true (like so many of the “square” things our [baby boomer’s] parents believed that we rejected) and it only took me about thirty years to learn it.

Listen I’m not trying to be a scrooge on Christmas. But we’re not talkin Tiny Tim here either.

I challenge you to go down to your local “Banquet” see how many people pull up who are driving nicer cars than the one you have. Count how many are using cell phones while in line. How many have kids with i-pods.

America, where you are considered poor if you can only afford basic cable for your 60″ plasma TV, lol, you bastards it is to laugh.

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