Black Friday Blues

December 17, 2011

All right so yea I know it’s been awhile but the f-ing holidays got me down. It started with the whole Black Friday business…

I mean Thanksgiving is…for the most part, just the set up for the shopping orgy now.

But it wasn’t societies love affair with consumerism that had gotten me in such a black mood (forgive the gratuitous pun), though it was stepped up to a new level this year with mid-night openings.

It isn’t even the week long blitz on every morning News show about the perfect holiday gift, the perfect holiday super special secret buy, the stress on the importance to our economic health (our patriotic duty is to shop after all) as a country, the guesstimates on how much we’re going to spend (which bolsters the claims they want to make that the economy is getting better), the post reports on how much we spent (reportedly $400 per shopper this year) which proves the Morning show folks say that the economy is most certainly (probably) improving.

No it’s neither of those things, though both drive me near right round the bend, I have over the years learned to come to terms with them ruining the purest and most selfless of all American holidays (look at what has become of the Macy’s day parade [hint if it’s not moving in a line down the street it’s not a parade] you bastards).  Mostly I’ve come to terms with it…

No this time it the over load shop-a-rama plus what was sandwiched to either side of this years consumafest that sent me into the dysfunctional tail spins…

Okay so stick with me..firstly for months all we have  heard from our lovely morning heads has been that it is corporations & capitalism that were actively damaging the country, don’t try to pretend that they weren’t (the media, just like most of you love the OWS and hate the Tea Party[the difference is they know better])) because their bias has been obviously showing.  I know Little Mouse would like lots of factual evidence here, but if you can’t see it already I mean…

Anyway, then comes November and the approach of BF…all of a sudden its spend spend spend. Every morning new reports on how excited all Americans were beginning to get about black Friday, gift suggestions under $100…gift ideas over $10,000, bla bla bla fast forward to the week following BF, after the wonderful news (we can tell it’s wonderful by how the hosts act excited and upbeat) that on average each shopper spent $400 dollars this holiday season…here’s where it gets too weird for me

I mean the audacity that the week after BF we get to hear how on our morning news shows the same rah rah high preists of purchasing were now scolding us saying Americans spent, possibly maybe, too much over BF as most of the $400 dollars was really  on credit…

(ON CREDIT F-ing really?? Haven’t you retards been paying attention at all!!! Are you that easily led or??!!)

…okay well yea, I’m back, but this is the problem I’m too pissed off. I am getting the feeling that most Americans aren’t actually paying attention, not most and not really.

If you were you’d see what bull shit buyin’ f-in reta…

All right I’ll start again…If you were payin attention stuff (and you actually cared like the media says you do [you support OWS right? The media says you do]) like this wouldn’t happen. Instead everyone would have stayed home and not shopped. If ya wanna affect companies, corporations you hit them where they live in the pocket book. That is the power of the free market system.

Or maybe how ‘bout this  If we’re broke, maybe we shouldn’t buy a bunch of crap we don’t need, and worse yet can’t afford, that’s how the housing crisis started or…

I know, I know, I just  don’t get it, every ones doin it, even the government, and I guess if you’re okay with the government loaning money it doesn’t have (borrowed from China) to give to country’s who either A: hate us, or B:hate and are tryin to kill us (Pakistan);  I guess I can see then how you don’t mind going in debt to that evil bank (which only end up being evil because they want the money back that you promised to pay).

Just a couple days ago I saw a pole taken which showed many people (sorry to my honey for lack of any better info than that) still hadn’t fully paid off Christmas 2010…

I wonder how many in the OWS with huge student loans on lame ass degrees this little fact applies to.

I mean F-ing A people…it should be criminal to be this illogical.

And I’m sorry see this rant is long and mean spirited and not funny cause I’m so pissed…

I didn’t plan to write about this at all

I planned to write about how, here in America poor people are fat and rich people are skinny, now that’s funny…

Well maybe next time…if I can just survive until then

Messy Creditmass Everybody

        From the Dysu, Little Mouse & the Aguanga Kid

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