When Good Intentions Go Bad Pt. 1

December 3, 2011

Of all the f-ing modern lies that drive the dysu (oh hi, by the way, cats & kittens that’s me) mad as the proverbial Hatter, of all the b.s.-iest, bull shit (yea that’s right doubly full of crap) lies that we have been sold over the last twenty years or so, the dysu (me again) was confronted with what he might consider the top three this last Thanksgiving weekend.

Honestly I don’t know if they are specifically the top three, I mean so much annoys the crap outta me…but they are, if not the top three, right up near the top. All three of these lies are sold first to the “chilren“. They are a mantra provided by a new social order, determined to replace the original mantra that made this country the greatest in the world (both propaganda– one just made the country stronger). And trust me I know that sounds completely hyperbolic and smacks just a little of over the top conspiratorial paranoism, but…what? Wait…

Okay well all right, here’s where you all are going to want a lot of documentation and citations to back up and support my outrageous claims but, like I give an f about that you bastards.

So enough draggin it out I’m just going to bullet point them in no particular order, but I am going to split the topic into three separate blogs because I know attention spans are limited in this IM world and again i am tryin to keep these blogs at about 500 words per

  • No Child is Born with Hate in Their Heart

Okay well, it’s a good place to start. Nice sentiment, totally untrue. Almost all children (remember I always talk in generalities) are born with hate in their hearts and we have to beat it out of them. Children must be taught to share, to co-exist. I mean, we all understand right from wrong when we are born, (some would say this moral DNA coding is proof of God) but kids must be gently (I was joking about the beatin’ stuff above) guided towards behaving in the right manner. Now of course through out history there have been great examples of kids who just wouldn’t get it. Those are the kids that used to get beat (here not joking about the beating stuff) into shape (here I am reminded of South Park’s hilarious ADD episode) When I was a boy growing up…

Okay wait I’m gettin’ carried away here. That’s fer another blog. The thing to remember here is that the statement above is a lie. We all know its a lie yet we repeat it and give it societal weight. That is the most interesting thing about all three of these. In one on one conversation I don’t know anyone, even the most diehard social servin’, educatin’ left leanin’ liberal, who won’t laugh and agree. It’s just when we start the dialogue as a society where the focus on truth breaks down.

Listen, the truth is that when those groups make comments like “No child…” they are making a comment about racism (really it is a comment directed toward white people to remind them that even off handed comments can help prejudice a child’s mind). If I am a white man making statements like “Those damn darkies” my children are more than likely going to grow up not trusting African Americans. Just as if am an African American male and I am always bitchin about how “Whitey’s keeping us down” my kids will probably not really even try to get ahead. So the concept of getting parents to watch what they say around kids is a wonderful idea (of course it’s never gonna happen because people are, in general ,not good) and I don’t have a problem with it.

It is of course the B.S. statement they try to sell it with that pisses me off. I don’t know how many times I gotta say it, ya can’t fix a problem with a lie, though the Humanists keep the hell tryin’…like in these next two “truths” I wanna talk about. Along with the “No child…” they may represent the holy trinity of new humanists truths.

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