When Good Intentions Go Bad Pt. 3

December 3, 2011

  • You Can Be Anything You Want to Be

All right so this is the big one, The Lie, and for those of you who think I’m being hyperbolic well…well you’ll probably still think so when I am done but the ol’ dysu doesn’t give a crap baby, the Truth is the truth, ugly or not, and it will beat out a lie every time.

Okay speaking of ugly truths here’s one. I suck at math, I mean I am not math deficient or anything,  I just don’t like it so much that I forget  math soon after I learn specific formats (all right well money and money math, and some construction type math). Like most fractions, ratios and all algebra and don’t even talk about calculus or geometry lol.

So what does that have to do with any thing you may ask.  Well given that fact I am never going to be a banker, or an astronaut, or a biologist or an accountant or any of the thousands of other jobs (often times high paying) that require some level of complex math. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I cry,  it will only be a waste of my time. Better that I define who I am and what I am capable of and then look for a job in that range.

Here’s the thing, and when you really think about it you will realize it makes perfect sense, most people are suited to be burger flippers, broom pushers or box lifters. The vast majority of humans are best designed to do menial tasks. You may want to argue, you may want to deny but the facts are the facts. And that of course is how it should be because there are many more basic tasks that need to be done than complex ones in life.

Now like most of these humanists BS ideas it all started out well meaning enough. The idea was to help kids believe they could be doctors or lawyers or even presidents. But the truth is those jobs are very hard and require a lot of school, and in the long run there’s no guarantee that you’re going to make bank after all that hard work. I mean most kids know pretty early that they’re not interested in science or math, there is sports of course, but most children are only temporarily interested (let alone talented) in sports, there is choir, drama, speech.

When I was a kid any guy interested in any of the above except sports was likely to get his ass kicked on a regular basis. But back then of course, besides sports, boys had shop and auto shop where they learned all sorts of useful practical applicable knowledge, girls of course had Home Ec. Either way by the end of High School, most kids knew what general area they fit into and of course most weren’t going on to higher education and three figure a year income. Most of course are destined to be regular workers. That meant if they were boys they were going of to work in service, factories, agricultural. If they were women, they would being doing those jobs also, unless they got married (which means of course many chose to get married instead of suffer the degradation of menial employment)

Now of course kids have an equal interest in sports as they do in the performing arts and every one of them is destined to be a star, to have unending amounts of money, friends and fame. Or they are going to college where they are studying women’s studies or urban techno musicology and have been guaranteed that for the degree they are sure to get a job in excess of all their needs (needs which include of course a new I-Pad & smart phone). I mean it is ludicrous, and would be even funnier if it weren’t for the end result: a generation of young adults incapable of fulfillin’ the menial job they were genetically destined to perform.

It is easy to find these adults at this point. they have all gathered together to form the Occupy movement.

I’m sorry, I mean it. Here’s the truth; some units are intellectuals, some are artists, some are builders, some are healers, some are dysfunctional, but most, by far most units are simply working units. It’s the sad fact of life. I didn’t design the system, but the system, when we follow it, works.

So instead of having most kids go on from say even middle school and take a lot of useless college prep courses it would be more helpful if we were to teach them how to hand back change properly.

We all have roles…I’m a dysfunctional unit…that’s how I role

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