When Good Intentions Go Bad Pt 2

December 3, 2011

  • Every Body has Value

A common mantra among those in the social service fields, we will leave the sub argument that by “value” they mean dollar signs alone for now, and focus on the truth they are trying to sell.

Okay well what they mean by every body has value is that every body has an equal value.  That’s how they justify spending thousands of dollars a year trying to teach reading and writing to an individual who is not only going to never read or write, he is never going to need to read or write; because he can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t control many of his major muscle groups reliably & can’t use the bathroom. We are spending money (lots and lots and lots of money, trust me) on trying to teach basic education and life skills to individuals who regularly shit themselves. I kid you not, I mean really, I’m not kidding.

Supported employment

I know what you’re saying…”You don’t know what it is like to have a child born with Autism, or Downs” Yes that is true, I don’t know what that is like.

But I did work in social services for a number of years and talked with a lot of caseworkers, caretakers, parents of and, yes, even some of the disabled themselves, and so I have some understanding of the myriad of issues facing individuals who have children with autism down or any other sad and crippling lifelong disability.

That being said these kids have no real purpose for being alive, I mean other than making their parents and other well meaning adults around them feel good about themselves. See its really a matter of selfishness, that’s what it boils down too, all the adults are trying to out compassion each other. They will take what is for all intense and purpose a meat tube, strap it in a chair and try to teach it…sorry him/her all about Jack & Jill goin up the f-ing hill. I mean why? There is only one answer. It makes all the normies feel good about themselves. If the G-damn meat tube is thinking anything it is probably more along the lines of “Christ almighty, somebody please shoot me”.

All right I know, I am a cold and heartless bastard. That’s the way you look at it. I of course, would say I was a man. But  then again both of those statements are the same, to me; I am a man: ergo I am a cold and heartless bastard. At least I believe men are suppose to be that way. Most still are ladies, even if they pretend right now that they’re not, they just want pu..okay well again I’m gettin’ off track all that is for the man blog (comin’ soon [well certainly with-in the next year])

The point is this not every body has value, not to society certainly, in fact some are the opposite of value to society, some are a drain on society (and understand that I am not just talking retards here [and am also equally aware that some of you believe the dysu himself might fall into this “drain” category] and that a wide variety of social misfits fall into this group). Now if you wanna argue that dumping all of this American taxpayer money, as well as the countless millions given by well meaning folk through charities such as United Way, to help us all feel good about ourselves is the “value“, and that “value” is worth all the time money and societal resources we divert toward purposeless units, now that’s a truth that we can debate.

I mean it should be obvious by now that I don’t believe it is. Unlike the the first lie in this tri-fecta, this one is not harmless, or well intentioned.

But no matter how harmful to society it is to waste so many resources on individuals who will never contribute a thing in return, it is still better than the next lie in our holy humanist trinity; which takes one of the most important foundations of our society, one of the largest segments of our American population and turns them into useless, spoiled, egotistical, self-entitled, coreless, souless…okay well maybe you think I’m getting carried away, but okay well we’ll see…

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