Does God Love a Raggamuffin Pt. 3

November 28, 2011

Okay wow, so it’s been awhile, that’s because Little Mouse was completely p.o.’d about my last post. We have plunged the depths of argumentative religious philosophy. I knew she had been a good Catholic for a period of time, but I had no idea, I mean, geez Louise really?

The end result is that Little Mouse wanted me to promise that I wouldn’t right such outlandish things in the future (especially if I don’t really believe what i am saying and just havin fun with a little intellectual exercise) …wait…what?

Why did I say those things If I don’t believe them? That’s just what Little Mouse kept asking and hell if i wanna discuss that topic anymore.

Look if you wanna believe things exactly as they are written in the bible, I mean 100% literal, (and ignore blindly those areas of crazy contradiction) okay well that’s your deal, I don’t hold that against you. But I gotta question, thats the brain God gave me, I tired to explain to Little Mouse that the Catholic Church has a long and wonderful tradition of exploratory theology, tried to explain that nowhere in the last part of that post did I say I believed what I was writing.

I guess, if I was doing anything it was exploring an area of the theological premise of the Crucifixion that has always given me trouble. Ya see if ya take what is written literally then Jesus(God) sacrificing himself on the cross set into motion a complex series of events. The actual physical world was affected by his death (again taking things literally), and yes the spiritual world as well. In fact many Christians, many Christian religious leaders will use the phrase “by his blood we are saved”, suggesting that it was the act of spilling this God/man’s blood that put this whole  plan into action. Again this is only if you take the event literally, as it is written in the Good Book.

Now I wanna make it clear here, for the purpose of full disclosure that I do not. I believe (in my own [which we will get too soon cats and kittens]dysfunctional way ), but I do not take every word of the the bible literally. Understanding the concepts presented in it, however, have been a real obsession of mine.

Now I  know, and Little Mouse confirmed, that most other people do not really think about this too much. If they believe, they believe blindly, too question God is equal to heresy, blasphemy, a first class ticket straight to hell.

Look, I mean, here’s the way I see it.

I got a TV in my house, it works real well, but from my perspective it works like magic. I push a button and pictures and sounds appear to inform and entertain me.

I know there is a science behind it, and…yes, yes, I know waves and beams and satellites and blah, blah , blah…I know but I don’t wanna know see.

Or how ’bout the human eye, I mean there’s a real piece of work eh? The way the human eye works is mind boggling. Have you ever studied the way…okay well I could just keep going. The examples are endless but the point is the same.

Many things seem like miracles, like magic, until we understand the science of them. If God (taking things literally)created everything, then he created natural laws (hell it could even be argued that God is natural law). If God set this world to function on this/these systems of natural law, then everything He does must be bound by these laws, even when we don’t understand them. It may seem to us at the moment that he is breaking all the rules, (raising the dead etc…) but it is (perhaps) that we just cannot comprehend the mechanisms by which it was accomplished.

It’s not like I believe I will ever discover the science behind this act (I don’t take the thing literally[I know there was an actual dude named Jesus crucified I’m talking ’bout the “by his blood” part]). I just find the whole conversation fascinating.

Is Little Mouse right? Will this kind of thing send me straight to hell?

Well, I guess, if ya’ ask me, I believe I’m already there…but that’s fer the next blog cats & kittens

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