The Tree Falls Alone Pt 2

November 19, 2011

So the questions I have about and for  God (like #1 what the hells up with my brain chemicals lol) are of course infinite.

I do have an almost equal number of questions for his followers here on earth. I mean help a dysfunctional brother out!!

Narrowing it down though, here’s where it ties into the last post.

So many of the Christians I’ve known (God bless their souls) so many of the churches I’ve attended, seem to focus less on the words of Jesus, and more on the rules of the Paul.

And here I don’t mean the original, one of the twelve, no we’re talking Saul, who became Paul, the guy who penned  “Romans”, “Corinthians” etc

That would make the appropriate term for these individuals “Paulists”.

Now I don’t care if you want to be “Paulists” and get all tied up in the anal details of a persecuting authoritarian with a self flagellation fetish.

I don’t care if ya wanna focus on nit-picking rules and ignore the overall theme.

Just don’t call yourself Christians.

I mean these are the kind’a things that really fuel my dysfunction.

Words mean something.

Which leads me to another big issue I have with the way Christianity has been set up from the very beginning….wait…what?

I know, I talk about believing in God and Jesus and stuff, then I spend time openly mocking such beliefs.

Both of those statements are true. I don’t know why it’s such a problem to have faith and to question at the same time.

But I believe if God made my brain, then he made it dysfunctional, made it in such a way that it questions and searches and mocks, even itself…

A little dog chasing it’s tail..it is to lol as you young kids say

Okay anyway so back at it. The word in this instance is sacrifice (here’s where Little Mouse would like me to put a definition in, but hell if you don’t know the definition of sacrifice please stop reading this post and immediately pick up a f-ing dictionary).

In this case of course we’re talking about the big one, the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, the big S, the foundation of the whole darn Christian theology.

And God so loved the world that he sent…okay well we all know it (again, if not, stop! This time…Bible).

But he wasn’t really His “son“, not like you and I think of it, we can also all agree on that.

So what do we have, lets examine it.

This Supreme Being (beyond our understanding) somehow takes a part of it’s self, like propagating a new species of flower, or like cloning (I’m not saying that’s what it was, just an intellectual reference point). I mean if you believe all this stuff, then you believe this too be true also yes? Am I right so far?

Okay so things get weird from here on out, (I’ll have Little Mouse check my sentence structure later lol) hopefully I can write it out so that this dysfunction of mine will be properly addressed.

The things is if I’m the Supreme Being and I have a plan that calls for me to temporarily remove, dissect, diffuse, (whatever ya’ wanna call it) a “piece” of myself and use it to co-opt this tiny fetus, full well knowing that in roughly thirty years or so ( less than a nano-second to God) it will  return to me, that’s not a sacrifice; maybe at best I’d give ya’ an inconvenience.

Okay so what about Jesus, the man? He went through heck-a-rooni, bled and died fer our sins (as the Bible relates this is the Sacrifice aspect).

However, by this point Jesus the man had some understanding of his role in the whole affair, knew that somehow he was…different…he was separate. As is evidenced by his own words, knew he was returning to his “Father” and would be the “Way” for poor, begrudgeful, sinful humanity to achieve life everlasting in God’s Heavenly kingdom (?).

And yes he did suffer horribly and Jesus, the man, chose to do so for us. That is a sacrifice…

He did know though, that at the end he’d be rewarded fer this act, knew that he somehow was the key to God’s/His (Jesus being also God) plan.

My question is: If this is the Big Sacrifice, isn’t it diminished just a bit by Jesus the man having this awareness of his role.

We do have one shining example of sacrifice, of true sacrifice, in this whole story.

A guy who was most likely suffered mental anguish and torment for weeks as his moment in history approached. Who most likely held long internal debates. We could easily imagine that he had trouble sleeping, eating, felt increasingly isolated from his peers.

A follower of Jesus, this man was called to do God’s dirtiest work, and was rewarded, not with the right hand seat, but an eternity (again if ya’ believe this whole thing, and here I mean of course if you believe in exact literal interpretation) suffering in hells deepest fires.

Now that’s some kind’a sacrifice.

Who was this man, who once realizing how badly he had been double duped, who understanding rightly that his name would now be vilified through out human history, took his own life as the punch line to this cosmic joke?

We all know by now I mean Judas. Judas Iscariot.

And so it came to me that we believers in God who are searching for understanding, a deeper understanding of the word sacrifice; perhaps we should look closer at Judas.

What would that be then? An Iscariote,? An Iscariite? No. Iscarianism?

Ahhh better dogs than mine will have to figure that one out.

Oh it is to laugh…so now that was fun wasn’t it

5 Responses to “The Tree Falls Alone Pt 2”

  1. Reblogged this on disfuctionalunit and commented:

    Jes fer fun here’ the 2nd part to that post cats n kittens…hope ya’ll enjoy-DYSU

  2. Trent Lewin Says:

    I hope you’re keeping a look-out for stray bolts of lighting, my friend. Great read, as always. I love that you never shy away from your thoughts.

  3. thycriticman Says:

    Good read! I’ve come to question it so much over the years that I lost all faith and hardly have any sort of beliefs in a higher power! I guess I’ll find out when I’m dead eh?

    • Ahh well yea, thanks tcm, I believe in “somethin”, have faith there is “somethin” goin on. I refer to it in Christian terms ’cause that’s my foundational framework but…
      In my understanding interpretation, we’re all equally flawed beings in the eyes of this creator and I take umbrage with other Christians who like to separate and condone some sinful behavior while condemning others…bla, bla, bla ahh I can never stop preachin!
      Also mi amigo de la norte I can accept that I may be simply deluding myself…that’s okay, it’s a nice delusion 🙂

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