Of Cabbages & Kings

November 18, 2011

Okay well all right you bastards, so it looks like a couple of you have read my blogs (and here I mean of course outside my immediate household). I got me a number of likes and even a couple followers but no f-ing comments….does that mean that you actually agree with me. I doubt it, but no-one has said so much as a “how dare you…”.

Perhaps I’m just too old, not edgy enough. I tell you my age really shows when I go visit other blogs, I mean way to go, lots of flash and moving pictures. No I’m just joking, not about your nice blogs, but about my understanding of a video feed. Plus lots of color and side bar crap goin on. I’m still not sure if I set up my side bar stuff right. I know the f-book link ain’t workin, but that’s because Little Mouse doesn’t want any of our mutual friends to find out about this column, Lol, as you young cats and kittens would say

All right so I know it seems like I am rambling, like I don’t have anything to talk about, but the exact opposite is true. I have too much, and so I’m struggling nailing any one thing down, and rolling with it.

See, I still have more to say about the pussifying of our once great American culture. But there are other areas of our culture such as entertainment, shopping (midnight Black Friday anybody), the sorry state of our education system.

But F-ing A, there’s more than that, I’ve promised, and i think it will not only be enlightening but entertaining as well, to reveal more of the hows and whys the Dysfunctional Unit became dysfunctional, that’s an E ticket fer sure. And then there is all the regular bull, all the big lies, like second hand smoke causes cancer, like our two longest running wars (and by far, by f-ing far, the most costly), the war on poverty and drugs can never be won, the lie that almost of of our media sources aren’t incredibly undeniably unabashedly pussy ass multicultural elitist a holes, and most of all like the lie of happiness through pills or surgery or God bless America f-ing A just the idea of happiness

Now I’m getting all worked up and this isn’t what I wanted to talk about at all but while I’m down this aisle. see, I mean, I know I am lumped in at the tail end of this certain generation, and so even though I have little in common (their early tv “Howdy Doody”, mine “Land of the Giants”, their teen music, the Beatles and Jimi, mine, the Pistols, the Talking Heads)with them I will still accept responsibility for our actions.

I find the term “baby” boomer to be quite apt. Self centered, self indulgent, then and now.

When you stop and step back and really review the history of the “hippie” (a derisive term coined by the beats that meant just a little bit hip) movement it really boiled down to the fact that Johnny wanted to go down to the three day love-in but needed cash and gas from the square old man; who promptly told him no, and to cut his hair and get a job. but see Jimmy had been educated, raised on Dr. Spock and gone to a liberal arts college, Johnny knew his rights.

The real reason for the whole movement was that lil’ Johnny had been spoiled by an increasingly indulgent society.

Even if  many of these same free druggin free lovin hippies became the uptight parents of the late seventies and eighties, the new mantra for child rearing had been discovered, children know best…okay well f-ing A this got me way off topic and you must know by now I like to keep these things short…

So, here’s what I really wanted to talk about tonight (I was trying to start the blog by explaining how sometimes topics come up that I’m afraid to table in case I forget) so I’m gonna have to make this short and as dramatic as possible so it will seem like the wieght of the blog was on these two issues.

Herman Cain made unwanted sexual advances toward me.

I have retained an attorney, I will reveal full details in a large press conference and then leave before any questions can be asked, or I will back out at the last minute, but my attorney will certainly be a featured morning guest where he will regularly be used to assure an anxious public that everything that can be done is being done to stop this heinous sexual predator.  Or at least until I get a book deal or a part time gig on The View maybe.

Secondly and maybe more importantly…a prediction…ohh wait, hold on drum roll please

A Prediction…….Gabby Gifford will be Obama’s running mate in 2012.

Hopefully no one else has suggested this yet, but I can easily see it happening, but ya know, I mean what the F do I really know

I’m Dysfunctional

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