I Can Do Anything Better By Changing the Rules

November 17, 2011

Okay as usual too big to contain in just one post, but the rant was too good to let go of just yet ’cause I almost got to the nut of it. And here’s the two big ones.

Ever since the influx of women into the work force the work done at a specific location has slowly become less important and the social structure of the work place itself has gained tremendous weight. What do I mean by that? Oh my God okay well, I have worked a wide variety of jobs: male dominated construction, service industry, grocery, restaurant, warehouse, social services, and now back to service, since I started working as young man in the seventies till now the social rules at work have undergone tremendous changes. Lets leave the obvious out for now, where you all thought I was heading, and look at this; in my dad’s day, in his dad’s day, work was work, ya showed up, put in your hours, if the boss yelled at ya, or ya lost a pinky in the machine, ya didn’t go off half cocked whining about it.

All right well I am being hyperbolic but what I meant was in my Dad’s day there wasn’t a lot of official talk at work that wasn’t specifically about work.

Now a days, jumped up Jesus on a pogo stick, every boss, every company has to be people centered, employee friendly, I mean they are not, not really, they are a company out to make as much f-ing money as they can, but they have to pretend.

Hell almost every company, certainly every large company has a division in charge of pretending (and coincidentally protecting itself when this pretense is exposed). The H.R. department, or human resources department of every company spends hours of every day, days upon days every year devising new ways for companies to look and seem genuinely concerned. In reality they are a giant waste of company time (profits) and resources both human and other wise (more profits) in the form of countless hours spent in bull shit meetings, and ream after ream of useless paperwork.

Why does a company do this, if it is such a drain on profits (which of course a company never lets go of, they just pass the cost on to the consumer) why then does a large faceless corporate monster like say, the evil Wells Fargo Bank, spend so many man hours on purely social (employee-manager/employee-employee relations).

The answer is obvious. As companies hired more women (should I not mention the government incentives to large companies) to there by prove that women could do all the jobs men could. The women did not adjust to meet the job, slowly the job has been forced, again many times through legal action, to adjust to the needs of the woman.

And I tell ya I have worked in the Social Services industry. Let me describe the jist of that job, lots of taxpayer and united way dollars to pay people (90%+ women) to have meetings, all day everyday. Okay that’s an exaggeration, and I have a blog coming someday on that experience and I don’t want to spoil the fun.

Well of course it’s fun ranting like this cause I am dysfun..Oh wait I did say two didn’t I…up above I said two big ones. Well the last one will be quick, and mostly just for the guys out there.

Okay so every guy in every job will know this one…”Could you reach that for me?” or how bout “Could you carry this ream of paper to my desk?” maybe “I hate doing  _____ ’cause it wrecks my nails could you do _____ ” (fill in the blank)

Equal pay for equal work my ass!!

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