Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

November 17, 2011

Alright so back to it. I had a nice little break there with the Sunday blogs…think I will do that every Sunday, I mean like everything else I have lots to talk ’bout when it comes to religion. But that’s just for fun right know I wanna get back to the more serious topics, like how women are running this country right into the ground.

Okay well, it’s those statements that piss off Little Mouse, and I promised her  I would be a little nicer so lets start there.

I love women, really, I do, and I think over all that women are in many ways, superior to men.  Certainly you are more socially adaptable, you live longer, you color coordinate much better.

All right that last one  was suppose to be funny but it can help me illustrate another point I want to make explicitly clear.

I am always, unless I note (unless I forget to note [how confusing is that] which occasionally may happen), talking in generalities. When I claim things like men can take more pain than women, I mean that, in general, more men can handle pain better than woman can as a percentage of the population.

And this isn’t only for this specific topic, in general, this goes for everything I write about.

So if you wanna argue for instance that you’re husband is a real wimp and that you can handle way more pain than him, I would argue back that that sounds more like a personal issue.

Okay so we’re all straight,  I’m speaking in general terms and I think women are not only great at many things, they are also capable of doing things that men cannot do, or certainly will never be able to do as well as woman. But here’s where we run into trouble boys, ’cause the other side doesn’t believe this to be true. In other words there are many woman I get into conversations who in the beginning want to convince me that anything a man can do a woman can do better.

Even now (or eventually if) the women reading this blog are nodding their heads and saying damn right.

This isn’t equality, it’s superiority, which was exactly the plan all along, but i am getting way off track and about ten blogs ahead so let me rein it back in a bit and focus on the topic at hand.

As always, I know, I will need to give you a concrete example so take a chunky bite of this; as part of the women can do any job a man can do philosophy traditionally male fields have been opened, many times through legal actions, including such fields as fire fighting, or the military to include women among their ranks. In all such cases we were told that a woman could do the job just as easily as a man could, except you have to change the rules and lower the standards so that women can actually do the job.

I know that sentence makes no sense, the chain of logic you have to follow to make a sentence like that takes some balls, I still can’t figure out how they convinced the rest of us.

Yes originally I of course believed all this bull shit.

But let me take all of this a step farther…what, over 500 words already?!

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