Does God Love the Raggamuffin Pt. 2

November 13, 2011

So yea, where were we now. Oh yea, we’re all sinners and even the best christian is no better than the worst murdering psychopathic homosexual…

Wait did I say that? No certainly not, I mean it might have sounded so maybe, the way I left it but that’s not what I was trying to say at all.

Because of course I know the familiar refrain from Christians. The one saving grace that separates them from the other “sinners”. They do not continue to sin. Isn’t that what they say regarding anyone of a number of groups whom they disagree with morally. They continue to sin even though they know better. All right I will give you that, but then again that is my point also. We all continue to sin. Forgive me Jesus Lord but every second of every day, I am drenched, awash, a stinking cesspool of sinful sewage.

And so are you. I don’t care if you just got back from your new age children friendly rock band up front playing hard core halleluiah church. I know the truth about you and so does everyone else. You can lie to yourself all that you want, go ahead. It doesn’t even matter if you fool us all including yourself; ya’ can’t fool God.

And isn’t that what Jesus said. That God looks into each of our hearts, God knows the truth of all of us.

The homosexual who pretends that he is unrepentant, lies in bed at night in the quiet aloneness of 3 am and worries he might be wrong. The pretty christian blonde housewife, dutiful mother of three, head of the Sunday school at her church, takes three Vicodin a day for low back pain. The crazy Ragamuffin who sits alone in his little house typing, afraid he is too filled with sin.

God looks into the heart of these individuals and will judge them based on what He finds there. I’m pretty sure He doesn’t need your help.

That’s what it says repeatedly in the good Book, yet people who call themselves Christians through out history have tried to define and delineate sins for the sole purpose of placing themselves at the head of Gods line.

I mean it seems pretty clear to me, so I don’t get why so many Christians can’t see it also.

When Jesus said that we were all sinners, and that is why God sent him to earth, I feel that is what he meant. Also when I read that no man knows the heart of God, and that it is not my place to judge another but is God who is the Judge of us all, amazingly enough I believe He meant that, I mean call me crazy…

Oh yea wait. I am crazy

Let me end today with this thought I had many years ago…

And God said don’t worry son

 If I wanted perfect beings

I would’a made some


3 Responses to “Does God Love the Raggamuffin Pt. 2”

  1. Mason Barge Says:

    “Here is what Jesus, the guy you claim to follow, says about sin in the Bible, the book you claim to take literally, word for word, end to end (I have and will discuss that again)…he says thinking a sin is the same as doing a sin.”

    That is incorrect. If you’re going to satirize something, you should at least understand it first.

    • Mason,
      Gosh, I’m so excited because someone replied with a counter “challenge” as it were:) I really am thankful and hope you choose to look over more of what I have written in Sinners Sermon etc. as I am as always looking to engage individuals with honest, fun philosophical discussions on the nature of God, His mysteries and our purpose here in this life.
      But as to your point, I know and have already had this discussion with others who support your point of view. I hope you were not suggesting by your replies tone that this is some crazy Idea I have coaxed from my dog and my dog alone.
      I know many Christians who support this interpretation (yes even 100% BL’s, of which, you have probably surmised by now I am not one).
      Anyway on to it…

      Matthew 5:27,28
      Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

      This passage clearly states that even if I do not commit the act of adultery, but merely fantasize about doing it, it makes no difference (in the eyes of Gd who knows my heart) I have indeed committed the sin.

      I am interested to now how you interpret this passage to mean anything else.

      Who knows you might sway to your way of thinking 🙂

      Expanding on this idea: Being held accountable for simply thinking of committing adultery without actually taking the actions, (That the thought itself is sinful and just another wedge between us and our Heavenly Father seems like appropriately Biblical to me.) Ergo if this is true regarding adultery, and we know that here is no ranking system for sins in regards to accountability to God,

      Wait, I know yer ounter argument already so lemme throw this in here as support…

      Okay well I’m not smart enough to be able to link this page in the reply section so I have cut n past a relevant area.

      Many want there to be degrees of sin, so they can try and justify themselves buy saying their sin isn’t as bad as some one elses. Read these verses…

      1 John 3:4
      Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

      Romans 6:23
      For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      James 2:10-11
      For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. For he who said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.

      Consider the fact that God is infinitely perfect, holy, and unchangeable. To Him, and by His standard, all sin great or small is still sin. God establishes in the Bible that all sin is equal before Him in that it falls short of His perfection. All sin equally is punishable by death (even Adam and Eve’s sin of disobedience was punishable by death). In this aspect, it doesn’t matter if the sin is lying, cheating, adultery, or rebellion. Read Romans 6:23 again. One sin ‘small’ or ‘large’ (as the world would talk) earns you death.


      Anyway taking this into account it is ipso facto then that in the eyes of God jes thinking of telling a lie is the same as telling a lie.

      Which to me seems also perfectly Biblical no matter how many Christians get angry when I suggest it. (many don’t)

      To me it jes is reinforcement that what the Bible says is true we all fall short. None of us are good enough, pure enough, (without sin) to enter the Glory of Heaven.

      It is the reason Jesus had to come, He is the Bridge. The Perfect Being who is willing, if asked, to stand by each of us at the accounting.

      It isn’t license to sin, as so many suggest I am suggesting, it is a humbling of those who think somehow, they are better than others, that their sins, are so much less than others and that holds them above and apart.

      I am never suggesting I am right, if you carefully read what I’ve written I clearly state in many posts that I am in some odd ways dysfunctional. It jes so happens that the biggest part of this dysfunction revolves around stuff I believe God wants me to talk about

      Trust me I know how that sounds n I have avoided “it” and God fer a big chunk of my adult life cause I didn’t wanna end up in the nut house fer sayin it (read a bunch of my earlier posts if yer interested).

      However I m getting older and things (God’s plan lol) conspired to bring me to a place where i was forced (obsessively inspired both inward and outward) to start to talk about it. To let go and have the faith I did as a child (and parents first sent me to the psych fer lol) where I would jes say what God wanted me to say.

      And ya know what I’m glad. I have had fun doing it and have been more and more inspired by even the few conversations I have engaged in online. Including this one as you can tell by the length.

      Wow and of course mentioning that I have gone on and I’ll try to wrap it up( if ya are even still reading)by saying that yer reply seems a bit angry and I apologize if you believemy intent is anything but a sincere desire, in my own mad fashion to dialogue with Christians such as yerself regarding these issues.

      But I gotta say to suggest that I don’t know, or understand the Bible, without knowing me at all, seems a little like you are doing that very thing I am trying to counter, to prove that you are better than I am on some level.

      And here I am not saying that you’re not because I don’t know you. I am jes stating that’s what you seem to be implying to me.

      Jes to let you know, fer the future, collectively I have spent probably a number of years in various Bible studies, have attended and enjoyed a wide variety of Church denominations and service styles, I have engaged in numerous discussion with Priests, Pastors and Theologians of variying degrees over the years about these very issues I continue to talk about in my blog posts (some supporters of my interps other consider me a heretic, ah well can’t win fer losin).

      I am also an acute student of History and so have studied at length both the secular & Christian views of Church History. As well as college level courses on both the Bible and Christianity as well as a few Comparative Religion course (when I was in my rebellious years I was an all religions are the same kind’a guy

      Lastly, lastly lastly Mason, please remember that my intent is not to satirize “something”, as in the Bible, possibly you could argue that I was satirizing “some ones” as in followers of the Bible, but I don’t think I was even doing that. I was jes asking questions.
      But you didn’t address the questions, you jes made a personal, somewhat uninformed attack on my character.
      If’n ya don’t believe what i believe tell me why. I am very interested in yer viewpoint.
      Okay there ya go, all with good fun and sincere intent, hopin fer a response 🙂

  2. Mason Says:

    I apologize for the hostile-sounding tone. I was short of time and in the middle of something else. Forgive me.

    Well here is the point where I thought you misrepresented Matthew 5:27. I can’t see your original post, but the point is, simply seeing a woman and having a lustful reaction is not sinful. You have to do it intentionally. Like, go to a strip club, open a Playboy, or at least turn around and watch a cute butt in a bikini. It’s an important distinction and if you understood this when you wrote it, it didn’t come across

    But it sounds like you have it right. Your writing style is a little hard to penetrate sometimes. Of course we can’t judge others and that includes hypocrites who think they don’t sin. But I read what you are saying not as condemnation but education, since it is not necessarily judging someone to tell them they are wrong and that we all sin. The most cited passage on this point is Romans 3:23.

    Sorry I can’t engage more, but I write full-time and have a lot of work to do. Come visit us at Daily Prayer some time.

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