Does God Love the Raggamuffin pt 1

November 13, 2011

Okay so I gotta take a break from all that woman bashing..lol…I love how I still pretend that there are people reading these rants. But whatta’ya do huh? Anyway I’ll get back to the topic of women as it relates to the slow sure destruction of our society soon. But the little dog that runs circles in my brain chasing it’s tail has questions, needs answers for a wide variety of  deep socially philosophical conundrums.

Like what is the deal with God? I mean isn’t that the biggest question of all.

I know many of you reading (or possibly maybe eventually reading) don’t believe in God. We’ll get to you retards another time. Right now this blog is for believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ; but trust me, even if you don’t believe I think you’ll wanna stay for the fun.

Listen if you’ve actually read any of my other blogs you will see I make a lot of references to God and Jesus both. I consider myself a believer. However, I am also dysfunctional, my major dysfunction being an inability to handle bull shit, so of course, see, I have a lot of trouble with most of you other so called modern day followers of Jesus.

Wow, Little Mouse is going to groan when she sees that sentence. Nothing to do with the content mind you, just the structure. Little Mouse is a much better writer than I am but that’s not the point, well kind of, eventually but okay let me just try to straighten this out by addressing the big one. the biggest question I have for modern happy day camp Christians.

All right that was uncalled for, we’ll get to all that in a different blog. What I wanna talk about here is sin.

No wait …sin

Okay so here’s where I struggle, as a dysfunctional unit, and maybe all you good Christians out there can help explain what I am not understanding…ya ready?

Jesus himself called sin an abomination in the eyes of God. From murder to lying, all got equal treatment. No wait, that is not 100% accurate. In fact lying got extra attention, ya know, because ol’ Satan being dubbed the father of lies, lies become then the foundation of all other sins.  So if this is the case then telling a lie is the same as committing murder in the eyes of God. But hold on, Jesus even goes further .

Jesus says that thinking a sin is the same as doing the sin in the eyes of God.

So putting all this together it’s impossible not to come up with the conclusion that in the eyes of God, thinking a lie is exactly the same as committing murder.

Now here’s where I struggle, not with this message mind you, but how blissfully modern day Christians ignore it.  If thinking a lie is equal to lying,  and lying or even thinking a lie is equal to murder, or any number of other heinous sins, oh let me pick one at random, say homosexuality, then from that perspective you are equal to the homosexual in the eyes of God.

And don’t try to tell me you don’t lie. We all lie, mostly to ourselves, ten thousand little lies a day in our own head. Our brains our faster than our will sometimes. If you are one of those who are even now telling yourself you don’t do that well…

Jesus told us the answer to this dilemma though. Jesus said we were all sinners who fall short of the glory of God. This is what he meant. This is why he had to come. He is the bridge. The sinless one. Without Jesus everyone of us would fall short…

All right well I am running way long, the sin of hyperbole, of dysfunctional diatribes, but trust me cats and kittens I’m not done with this topic yet

2 Responses to “Does God Love the Raggamuffin pt 1”

  1. There is clearly a large disconnect between “god’s” word and what is actually practiced. \

  2. […] wanna touch base on this subject again real quick though I know I must have done so before in some earlier post but…the issue came up while I was reading another blog I follow and since I still deal with […]

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