The Winner and Still Champeeen!

November 11, 2011

Alright so I promised I’d get to it so lets get right to it.

I’m gonna say it again in case I wasn’t clear enough.

Men (as a group) can handle more pain than woman (as a group).

This isn’t some wild crazy belief of mine, the ol’ Dysu cats & kittens, trust me we will get to those in future blogs.

And I can hardly believe that we have gotten to the point where it is such a hot topic to discuss.

It is one of the most ludicrous examples of this new society we are building.

I’m sorry ladies, chicks, babes, doll faces, you may be better at us than many things, but the delivery and reception of physical pain is a male specialty.

There is such a mountainous display of evidentary history over the last ten thousand years or so that I am stunned that our culture has been able to turn this concept inside out so rapidly; and the ease with which it was accomplished.

Are you men, my fellow brethren so desperate for sex that you will so easily acquiesce such a integral part of yer heritage, yer genetic destiny?

Okay well that’s all for a future blog, and don’t worry dames, I got plenty to say to men as well, the sell out b*st*ds…

Yea, but that’s off topic.

There’s no where in the last blog or this one that I have made the claim that child birth is not highly uncomfortable, hell I’ll even give ya down right painful.

I’m not even claiming women can’t handle the pain of child birth.

I am saying though, and hopefully very clearly by now, that the statement “women can handle more pain than men” is not fact.

Not even close. At best it is a wish, a fantasy, a dream.

At worst it is a down right lie perpetrated for a nefarious purpose (cue the evil music) duh duh duhnnn!

We’ll get to that in future blogs also trust me….fer right now though I wanna keep it simple for you girls

Just kidding, really, I believe men have no advantage over women when it comes to smarts, and even some disadvantages, but that again is getting off topic…

Look, I can comfortably say that an easy 90% of the woman I talk to one on one,  if not right off hand, eventually break down and agree laughing that “yes, they know that men can take more pain than women.”

See men it is just a game to them; to see how much we will let them take away from us.

And they will tell you, as indivduals, they want you to be tougher than them.

Not woman as a social unit mind you. The individual woman, she is the one laughing slyly.

Woman together as a social unit well that’s a different story.

If I bring this topic up to a group of women, especially a large one they are aggressively defensive of this new truth.

“I’d like to see a man push a watermelon out his asshole.” is a constant refrain

Well ya know what, if we had to we could, only we wouldn’t f-in make the whole world listen to us bitch about it.

Put that in your womb and let it ruminate Baby Cakes.

Oh and Fluff Puffs one more little tidbit before I go, just a little fact that hopefully, you will find as hilarious as I do.

Any rights you have acquired over the last century or so you have only gained because some white American man gave them to you.

That must be a big ol’ bee in your cute lil’ bonnet eh?

One Response to “The Winner and Still Champeeen!”

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