And in This Corner

November 9, 2011

So here we are again cats and kittens… and  well Little Mouse isn’t talking to me quite yet after my last couple blogs.the ol dysu

God bless her soul sometimes it must be quite a trial living with such a male chauvinist like me and I know it would be so much easier for her if I just wasn’t right.

See it is the truth I am after, not a truth, but the truth.

With the feminization of our culture it is not the truth that matters anymore, it is the intention.

In my last blog a gave an excellent example of this.

I did not make those facts up. In the 60’s &  70’s  it was the male dominated family unit(and society for that matter) that was responsible for turning out such violent  boys, aggressive young men, jocks and jarheads.

We were told that things would be better if women raised young boys and that they would be just as happy playing with dolls instead of guns and footballs.

I am not making this up. Go look it up for yourself.

Fast forward to today. We are told that men being absent from the family unit is what is causing the boys to be violent and aggressive.

Men should be more involved, we are being told now, but not so that they can teach their boys football, or how to shoot a gun.

We are now suppose to teach them that it is okay to have feelings, to share and to cry.

Jesus please us, well okay that’s all for the man blog. That’s not what I wanted to write about today

Besides I know some of you are still thinking I have made these facts up. I really don’t give the proverbial F.

That being said,  today I wanna talk about pain; and more specifically women’s ability to handle said pain.

See this is a perfect example of new logic. Woman have babies, that is a truth, having babies involves pain that is a truth, those two truths are combined and presto bingo bango we have a new truth, women can handle more pain then men.

This is the (in little letter) new truth.

There are very few people who don’t accept this as a social truth (hint most all of them are men).

Its taught in our high schools, colleges as scientific truth.

Ask almost any young person and they will say without hesitation that it is now scientific fact that women can handle more pain than men.

This is all based on an unprovable theory, because men cannot have babies therefor there can be no control group, no way to gather scientific data, no way to actually test your hypothesis…wait…lol…hold on…

Okay sorry just broke up laughing there. Dear lord.

See there was no need to have evidence gathered like many of the truths in our society today it was simply proclaimed to be true.

It was just another in a long line of created truths in order to build a new social template for America.

I’m sorry if Men could have babies we would have turned it  into a sport by now. There’d be time trials and distance records, and very little social whining I mean c’mon, who the f are you trying to fool.

Now listen, I’m not saying every man and every woman.

I am speaking in generalities, and I will admit that your plan is slowly whimpifying young men.

But no matter what you do, buried deep in our genetic structure is the ability for men to handle more physical  pain than woman. The evidence is insurmountable. and we’ll talk about that in my next blog.

Fer now you’ll just have to trust me…after all just because I’m dysfunctional doesn’t mean I am not right.

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