When you wish upon a dream

November 4, 2011

See the thing is that “the Dysu” is crazy. That’s why I say the things I do. However, crazy or not, I mean what I say.the ol dysu

Also I believe what I say is true (or I wouldn’t have said it) and can back it up with plenty of evidence; which once presented will cause all women in America to stop. Just stop.

Oh that’s funny. I just had to put that in there.

No wait I have a better one. What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Okay well ya’ heard that one already.

Well the punchline fits here so…No I don’t advocate violence against women; at least not undeserved violence, a useful beating now and then to keep them in line…

No, now I’m just being hilariously hyperbolic, or hilariobolic.

I do not support men who physically assault the weaker sex.

No real man does and we will talk about that in another blog. This little diatribe is about women and how they are driving our society right off the proverbial cliff.

Oh wait. sorry, hello Cats & Kittens, it’s me the ol’ Dysu.

Many dysfunctional years ago one of the wisest men I knew “the Doidman” told me fake fingernails are signs of societies collapse. How long nailsdoes that apply to what I am talking about here? I am not really sure, but I always liked the rhythm of it.

Anyway like usual I’m off track but trust me I’m not the first person to talk about this. Hell we ( I mean men in this instance) were warned in the very beginning about this.

In the beginning there was just one man, Adam, and one woman…

Okay, yes I know,  I know we’ll argue all that another time but for now lets take it as an allegory okay

al·le·go·ry a. The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form.

So there’s Adam and Eve. They live literally, in a garden of Eden. Food at arms reach, walkin’ round naked together (doin God only knows what) sleepin on the ground, talking b.s. with the Maker.
There was only one thing we weren’t suppose to do. I mean everything is perfect right, I mean we live in paradise yet somehow for woman, for Eve, it just wasn’t enough. There had to be something more.
And alright so we can all agree that it probably didn’t happen this way and that this is just a story, an allegory, but if so then what is it trying to tell us.
The same thing I am. Men we have to keep control of our women.
Okay so all right anyway what I wrote was so long I had to split it in two parts, or is this the second part which would make the next blog the third..well what the f ever I mean like any ones paying attention to these dysfunctional ramblings. Anyway that’s the biblical perspective and now for…

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    And so here’s part 2 Cats & Kittens. Enjoy. Watch fer new upcoming post on “Zombies, Mutants, & the Coming Apocalypse”. Don’t ferget to leave a comment below.

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