No Desires too Extreme

November 4, 2011

Look it’s not their fault Cats & Kittens and here the Ol’ Dysu means women, the female. And to better help facilitate this discussion andthe ol dysu include as many readers as I can lets set the Bible aside for a sec and take a look from an scientific, empirical dare I even say evolutionary stand point.

I’m Mr. Protoman Jones, got me a little Mrs Protoman. We live on the grass lands. Life’s pretty good.

We live in a small group, hunting and gathering. All the other Protomen think like I do, things are pretty good. But the Mrs is always complaining, lil Jr got eaten by a big cat, when it rains her hair gets wet, the fire goes out and everything gets muddy.

More wood on the fire Grok!

More wood on the fire Grok!

Mrs P has noticed on those far off hills, a set of holes in the rock cliff. Mrs P thinks they would make a better home than the open grass lands. She whispers in my ear at night that if I were to lead our group there life would be better. All the other proto people would start to look to me as their leader.

Now I really don’t wanna go on this long dangerous walk, it sounds like a lot of work. However this is the person who gives me sex, and if I don’t do it she will nag and nag. And I could jes bash her head in and get another mate, but Mrs. P has been a good breeder and a lot of times her advice proves the successful for us and ours…so of course I decide to do it.

We decide to do it, Mrs Proto reminds me.

Are ya’ followin me so far?

More wood Grok!!

More wood Grok!

So I take all the proto people on this hazardous journey but it pays off with these rocking caves to live in and everyone is happy.

A woman’s drive for better, for more, has helped mankind.

Because “I” led everyone here all the newly dubbed cave people do begin to look to me as their leader.

Which Mrs P assures me,  means  we get the highest, driest cave, and the best cuts of mammoth.

And so everything is great.

Until Mrs P. starts whispering that uppity caveman Smith’s wife said her husband brings home more meat than I do and what am I going to do about it.

Don’t get me wrong. Take a deep breath and try to hear what I am saying.

We each behave as God or nature or whatever intended us to.

If it weren’t for Woman there would be no wheel, no fire, so pat yourself on the back and get off mine.

But, its suppose to be a balancing act that allows humankind to advance slowly in spurts as it were.

 This is what has gone wrong in America today. The balance is gone. There is no ying to the yang.

In every facet of American life; home, work, shopping, relaxing, there is this mad rush toward an unachievable perfection. And it won’t stop on its own, trust me.

Women want…something, the next thing, the next creme , the next pill, the next swiffer, in a never ending spiral of desire-want-need-regret.

They also want us to stop them. trust me on this one as well.

Every woman wants her man to come to her and say “Enough honey…we’re doing okay…it will all be okay” (of course you have to be doing your “man duties” for this to work  but I will poke fun at myself and men in another blog).

I swear I know this to be true and so, God bless your little womanly souls, do you.

Which brings me of course back to the punchline (no pun intended).

Nothing, ya already told her twice!!

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