Slavery, Schlmavery

October 28, 2011

Okay now where the hell was I…Oh yea I was telling you all  to stop whining about slavery.

Here’s the ugly truth about slavery.

At one point in human history everybody was making slaves out of the people they conquered.

Every era, every race, culture, countries, city states, tribes took slaves.

It was the way things were done.

Am I saying it was right?

Am I condoning slavery?

Jumped up  Jesus on a pogo stick NO! The ol’ Dysu, that’s me cats & kittens just wants to talk about truth.

Point one: Bad things happen.

But sometimes good  results from this or these “bad thing(s)”.

Take slavery for example.

If your are the direct descendant of an individual taken from Africa against their will and brought to this country for the purpose of slavery well then your lucky because that means you were born in America instead of Africa.

And don’t even try to convince me that you’d rather have been born on the continent of Africa.

Famine, AIDS, Necklacing, Ebola; Muslim Warlord and their holy foot soldiers, gun toting machete waving teens, running in vicious mobs.

And that’s in the good section of town.

Like heck-a-rooni you’d wanna live in Africa.

Anyway I’ve gotten off the point.

Bad stuff happens and you can either sit around whining and waiting for someone else to somehow fix the past(?), make all your wittle hurt feelings go away, or you can get up off your ass and move on.

I was lied to about the benefits of doing whatever feels good, and a life spent in the pursuit of the fun time party,  fifteen years of my life in a stoned drunken homeless stupor. Who’s gonna repay me for that;

And oh yea I’m of Irish heritage…do I have to go through all that?

Okay well that was rhetorical. I’m not gonna go through that now….I’ve got other fish to fry.

Point two: African tribes raided each other and took slaves long before white Europeans ever set foot on the continent.

Also (and pay special attention here) hundreds of years after white American and Europeans outlawed slavery as barbaric and morally wrong African nations along with Middle Eastern nations were still engaging in the sale and use of human beings as slaves; including white Europeans.

I did not pull this out of my sweet smelling and well toned derriere. It’s a fact. Go look it up yerself. I already did.

Hell there are nations in the world still trading in slaves.

Ohh! Here’s one of those moments where the Little Mouse would have wanted me to site my information. But she’s not here anymore so…

I know it’s true, cause I already looked it up, that’s jes how I roll.

I wanna make sure the things I believe are true. Factually The Truth, not culturally a truth

Every race has taken part in the taking and trading of slaves.

Only white Americans and some europeans have apologized for it

Point three:  What I am not saying. I feel I have to make this a separate point because so many are going to misinterpret my words (some of you will still despite this disclaimer)

I am not saying that slavery was good, fun, justifiable, right, or something we should return to. I am also not suggesting that I am the only person to believe or put these facts together I’m not.

Others (like the original inspirer for my research into this topic Walter Williams) have done it, actually much more thoroughly and succinctly than I am here. Hard to imagine but true.

Must Read Books & Essays

Must Read Books & Essays

Okay maybe no so hard to imagine…I am a dysfunctional unit after all.

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  1. Reblogged this on disfuctionalunit and commented:

    Hey all you Dysu fans, heres the aforementioned follow up post to “Whiggers”
    Please don’t hesitate to lemme know how my brilliant diatribe helped ya see a new truth…
    Or yea vice versa.

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