I Could While Away the Hours, Conversin’ with Some Flowers

October 25, 2011

That was nice stopping and doing a little history. Don’t worry I will finish  the tale I began. But inside my head there is a little dog,  the ol dysuchasing its tail round and round.

I can’t rest until he does, and he won’t stop while you b.s. tards keep the relentless stream of said b.s.

I know I’ve said that already more than once and have offered no examples so let me run just a couple by you now.

CBS-This-Morning-LogoThis morning on CBS news* I heard two “facts” that immediately sent my little dog into a mad tail spin…ya ready

Our President demanding the passing of his job bill somewhere in California, saying that if  Congress refuses to act, he is signing executive orders to spend billions more in stimulus money: for teachers and other state employees (re:democratic union jobs), so that they can get back to or keep their (democratic union) jobs; and further offering taxpayer money to people who can’t afford to keep their homes(re: in democratic admin friendly states such as Nevada and Illinois) and never should have had loans in the first place.

You think that b.s. in itself would be what I needed to talk about, but it’s not.

I expect my politicians to lie.

No it was the news people, specifically the white house correspondent.

His claim (and by default then, the news service that reported it as unquestionable truth) that “President Obama had to take his case to the people because republicans in the congress were blocking the passage of his jobs bill.”

I know, I know, you don’t see any problem with this story and think that the evil white christian hate mongering conservatives should be held accountable.

There is only one problem.

This a truth.

But not the truth.

The truth is that the democrats in congress don’t want the f-ing bill passed either.

He can’t get the votes he needs from his own party because of the devastating effects from the last trillion dollar jobs bill that helped no-one but unions and ex-Chicago cronies.

Don’t scoff at the computer screen that way. Go look it up. Facts are facts.

Still, and again, its the news services I get most aggravated by. They know that what they are reporting is only a half truth but they

C'mon Matt, yer not that dumb!

C’mon Matt, yer not that dumb!

report it anyway. If you pause to ask yourself why…

Did you? I’m betting you didn’t. I’m betting that, like most people you are fine with the lies that media feed you. And you by far have bigger worries…

Depression, breast cancer, which Movie star is; getting divorced, in rehab, heading a charity, in the country of our enemy talking about how bad America is.

Or is it those nagging pounds around your mid-section, healthy snacks for your growing brood, green products for a green life? Oh the distraction that drive my dysfunction

When I listen to the news in the morning I expect to be informed of the whole truth so that I can make up my own mind.

But I mean, I’m a dysfunctional unit.

dysu Oct.25 7:53 am

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