Hello, Hello, Can ya hear me Joe?

October 23, 2011

So almost everybody I talk to tells me at one point or another that I should write a book. They are like, “Jesus why don’t you just write a book about it”. Well, I thought and thought about their suggestion and realized  that would be a lot of f-ing work, or I guess a lot of dedication to a long term project and my A.D.D. just won’t allow that. No I’m just joking, A.D.D. is not my diagnosis. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have it, just that among the many psych evals I have had, Attention Deficit Disorder rarely took center stage.

But that whole topic, the “what the hell is wrong with that guy?” is for a later blog, so I am getting off on the wrong foot as it were. This is my introductory blog, the one that tells you a little bit about who I am and what I wanna say.  So I guess the above paragraph wasn’t too off topic, ‘cause of course my (as of yet) un-discussed dysfunction is a big part of who I am. As to what I actually wanna talk about well…

See the thing is, I mean, I have enough trouble with my own issues without having to wade relentlessly through the deep river of bullshit that our modern day life has become. So I just need to talk about it. I am called (a whole nother blog) to talk about it. Like a pressure valve or anti anxiety drug.

So yea, this is my blog about my crazy ass thoughts and though I doubt sincerely that any one of you bastards will take notice or care, I’m still going to write like it matters. Because the truth matters. The truth as I see it anyway. But hey, what the hell do I know I’m a dysfunctional unit.

Anyway that’s the whole deal, I’m gonna write about what bugs me about our modern life, write about the bullshit that is driving me crazy; about how we say racism when we mean culturalism, about the lie of second hand smoke, about politics and politicos, of women and men, and family and  baseball apple pie truth justice and…ya know.

Why I’m writing this is a different story. Mostly I’m doing this for my off spring. I’m sure some day they may want to know just why their Dad was so…well…the way he was. I am getting older and, with what you will eventually learn about me, you will be equally amazed that I have made it to fifty-one ripe old years. But given my life it is possible that any day now I just drop. I am afraid some days that all they will remember of me is that I was the cranky old man who sat in the corner smoking and ranting about the state of the world.

But again, what the hell do I know, I’m a dysfunctional unit.

                                                dysu Oct. 17th, 2011 7:30 pm

2 Responses to “Hello, Hello, Can ya hear me Joe?”

  1. […] to post numero uno (not BW, NG & NR Pt 1 but this entire blog wait I’ll jes link it back http://disfuctionalunit.com/2011/10/23/hello-world/ ) you will see that telling these stories, talking politics, religion etc, (all in public, […]

  2. […] no idea what I was doing (to see the whole whys’ n wherefores you’ll have to go start here)…n relied heavily on my Sig-Oth Lil’ Mouse to be my IT dept and an interpreter of […]

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